Deb Klepsch Profile SmallPossibilities are awakening within the self. The time of “The Awakening” is at hand. There is a stirring within the physical self that is coming into a place of remembering; knowing you are here to contribute to A Higher Sense of Purpose. You are that Purpose ~ on Purpose ~ for Purpose. The difficult times that have been experienced, or in which are still being experienced, are the weights of darkness which are trying to block out the light of Self. The darkness will not win, but will become part of the balance which exists. You are “becoming” that change which you wish to “see” in the world around you. With the passing of Easter, the time of the Resurrection of Jesus, the new light of hope has been “set” around the world. Many of you had to reach a point of “saturation.” This, being a catalyst for change, had to occur in order for you to accept and allow processes of elimination into your lives; elimination of old behaviors, beliefs, people, situations and things that are no longer serving you in a beneficial way.

The Triple A’s are now being utilized to their fullest potential; coming into Awareness in order to Accept that change or eliminations must be Allowed into your lives. Now is YOUR time to allow the flow of expansion. Your sense of Purpose lies within You. How may you bring this into a positive experience? By making a higher vibrational choice, a positive choice, in accepting that all which occurs in your life is in affect put into action by your choices for a Higher Purpose.

Difficult times will pass, as all things change. Be strong, dear ones, as the “shedding of the snake” is close to completion. Your time of New Beginnings is already in motion.

We love you very much ~ Nick 4/2/13 


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