There are lots of compassionate and empathic people in the world. However, being an empath is different from having empathy.

Have you ever been accused of being overly emotional or too sensitive? Do you neglect yourself because you’re taking care of everyone else? If so, you might be an empath.

Here are 6 signs that will tell you’re an empath, not just overly emotional:

People open up to you

The weak, the suffering, the ill – virtually anyone who is in pain – are all drawn to the compassion and understanding an empath emits. Even if you put on a grumpy fact, they instinctively know that their pain matters to you.

Empaths are great listeners. This is why people come to you and open up to you whenever they have problems.

You feel compelled to help people  

Empath are profoundly compassionate. They feel compelled to help anyone who is in need. Whenever you walk past someone who is in pain or is suffering, you find yourself helping that person and making him/her feel at ease. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they’ve done to you.

You feel other people’s emotions

Empaths are highly sensitive. They have a tendency to be affected by other people’s energy and emotions.

You are constantly exhausted

Empaths often feel drained or extremely tired after being around people for too long. Because of this, they tend to be introverted. Most of them prefer to be in small groups or one-to-one contact. Many of them crave alone so as to get away from all the emotions and to recharge themselves.

You know when someone is not being honest

You can tell whether or not someone is telling the truth. You also know when someone is saying something, but feeling or thinking another. The person may be smiling, but you can tell that he/she is anxious or sad. All you need to do is to listen to the tone of their voice and look at their faces.

Being around people can be overwhelming

You woke up one day feeling great and well-rested. You went out to do some errands, feeling very positive. You know this is going to be an amazing day. But as soon as you walked into the grocery store and passed by a crowd of people, you started to feel inexplicable emotions for which you can’t determine the reason. You try to ignore it, but it became so overwhelming. Worse, you can’t turn it off. Empaths feel overwhelmed after being around people for an extended period of time.

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