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Connolly Tarot DeckConnolly Tarot Deck
Hanson-Roberts Tarot DeckHanson-Roberts Tarot Deck
Moonstone/Rainbow - Rough LGMoonstone/Rainbow - Rough LG
Power of Reiki (Oversize) New Edition
Incense, India Temple 150g Sticks
Salt Rock, Hearts Large 2 x 2.5in.
Salt Lamp, Electric Cord Only w/7w bulb
Chakra Awakening (Quality Paperback) BookChakra Awakening (Quality Paperback) Book
Heart, Metal Tiny Pocket Totem 1/2in.Heart, Metal Tiny Pocket Totem 1/2in.
Tealight, Unscented-Dark Green CandlesTealight, Unscented-Dark Green Candles
Candle Pillars-Chakra, Money-RedCandle Pillars-Chakra, Money-Red
Cinnamon Essential Oil 5ml BottleCinnamon Essential Oil 5ml Bottle
Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil 5ml BottleSweet Marjoram Essential Oil 5ml Bottle
Peppermint Essential Oil 5ml BottlePeppermint Essential Oil 5ml Bottle
Eucalyptus Essential Oil 5ml BottleEucalyptus Essential Oil 5ml Bottle
Bergamot Essential Oil 5ml BottleBergamot Essential Oil 5ml Bottle
Archangel Zadkiel Spray 2 oz.Archangel Zadkiel Spray 2 oz.
Archangel Metatron Spray 2oz.

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