March 26, 2011
Saturday evening
6:30-9:00 PM
Meet and Talk with Mayan Elder Miguel Angel Chiquin
2012 – Mysteries of the Mayan New Year Revealed
“The Mayan calendars are part of something bigger.  These calendars are part of a larger cosmology which will never end.”
“Through dark times there have been external forces that have pushed the Mayan people to remain strong.  Our people have lived a period of 5,000 years that have been very difficult.  The native peoples began to walk through a very dark tunnel. But the culture, spirituality and energy of our peoples more than ever is present.  The Mayan people were cleansed of resentment by their ancestors and that their goal is sharing wisdom.  We need to bring a message of goodwill, humanity, clarity so we can all walk on the path of light, clarity, (toward Dec. 21, 2012).”

This past Mayan New Year, Feb. 22, 2010, marked an auspicious alignment of six significant energies known to accompany big happenings in the past. Their alignment is expected to present tests or challenges until April 14, 2012…  What’s next?

This is a free event; donations appreciated.  Please call the store to register as seating is limited:  303.964.9339 
Repeating Events: 
3rd Mondays 7 to 9 PM
Sheryl is the channel for Metatron, the Archangel.  His powerful messages and energy
are so needed in today’s chaotic world.  Metatron’s messages bring powerful predictions of world events,
weather changes and energies that impact daily life.

Call to register.  Cost:  $25/person.  For more information, call (303-688-1245),, .  You can also contact the store:  303-964-9339 ,  Presented by Sheryl Watson, Metatron channel, Palmist, professional intuitive, spiritual counselor and teacher with over 25 years experience.  “I believe each of us is a powerful, autonomous being.  My work is to empower and encourage each person to live life fully and to know and remember:  “You are the Master of your own life.”  Personal channeled readings are also available by appointment.  This is a very powerful way to receive answers and guidance. 

4th Mondays 7 to 9 PM
While sitting in on paranormal Meet Up groups, I noticed that there were so many attendees who wished to tell their stories and share their experiences regarding their encounters with the unknown. Most Meet Ups are not equipped for this venue and often some attendees were required to cut their personal stories short so the real group discussion could begin. I also noticed that these attendees never returned. Many paranormal Meet Up groups are primarily for the purpose of paranormal investigation and research. This group, “Haunted Like Me” is dedicated to those who have experienced or are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and in their lives and are looking for answers and solutions. Here is where the story — your story counts.

This is not a group for those interested in conducting paranormal investigations but for the forgotten person — you. You are the person who is going through or have gone through events that you can’t explain. Not every person , in fact very few, who are experiencing serious paranormal events wants to be paranormal investigator. Usually resolution is the primary goal.

The purpose of this Meet Up is to assist in providing support, education and possibly some answers regarding your unusual journey. You will be able to freely share and speak with others, like yourself, who have or are experiencing events that seem unexplainable.

Guest speakers, such degreed Para-psychologists, Clergy, licensed Counselors and hand picked paranormal investigation groups will be invited to assist attendees in providing some comfort, some answers and perhaps some resolution for your situation.

• PSYCHIC FAIR & SALE – Denver’s Best!
2nd weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
$1/minute; 20 minute minimum on all services AND 10% storewide sale!
4th weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
$1/minute; 20 minute minimum on all services AND 10% storewide sale


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