Questions regarding self worth and self confidence arise. This is a time of self affirmation. One may find Karmic issues being resolved at this time; a cleansing of the past; being drawn to one due to the Law of Attraction. A “remembering” has awakened on this planet. Many are recalling their purpose in this life; many are merely “feeling” a change within. This is an energetic request by Self to bring ones awareness to what needs to come come into their experience next, through change. Certain planets have aligned and triggered energetic shifts. The effects cannot be ignored. A cleansing of the planet is answering the call of this shift; which is the same “feeling” some are receiving within. By aligning oneself with God and allowing self to draw ones faith to heart will assist in the re-alignment of internal energy. You are all the Creation of God/Source Energy. Self doubt was not included in His creation. Stand tall, enjoy your journey and surround self with love. The beauty of ones life is dependent upon the energy one puts oneself into. You have been created by a perfect God; you, His perfect child. ~Nick~7/3/12 Channeled Message from Deb Klepsch

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