tips-for-caring-for-your-crystal-singing-bowlSinging bowls, which are often referred to as Himalayan bowls, create a range of sounds that invoke a state of deep relaxation. For centuries, these bowls have been used in religious ceremonies, holistic healing, music therapy and meditation. They produce completely different sounds, depending on the playing technique or the mallet being used.

Singing bowls are beautiful, yet fragile instruments. It is important that take good care of them and handle them with extreme care in order to preserve its beauty and sound-emitting properties. Treated with a bit of respect, these bowls can accompany you for a lifetime.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your crystal singing bowl in good condition for the years to come.


Washing and gentle cleaning will help remove dirt, grim and stain that may have stuck to the surface of the bowl. Plus, clean, well-maintained bowls play better and help keep them in the condition they were in when you obtained them.

Fill up the bowl with warm water and soap and leave it over night.  Do this once a week so that dirt will not stick on the surface. Use a soft cloth to wipe off the surface of the bowl after you have cleaned it. Dry the bowl completely and then expose it to direct sunlight after cleansing.


Make sure that the bowl has its own space. Ideally, it should be stored somewhere that is beyond the reach of children or pets. You can have them displayed on an open shelf, so visitors can take a look at it and for easy access well. After all, bowls that are accessible are more likely to be played. Some owners choose to keep their bowls safely tucked away out of sight until required.

Although it is a great idea to have the bowls displayed in an open shelf, avoid putting it in a place where it is at risk of falling. Even if these bowls are made of metal, they are quite fragile. In fact, a strong collision is enough to crack it.


When transporting these bows, make sure you handle them with extreme care. You do not want the bowls to rub against each other during transport. Always place the bowls in a carrying case during transport so as to avoid damage.

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