The Sky in September by Sophie Rose

Solar eclipse Sept 13th, 21 Virgo

New Moon with eclipse Sept 27th, 5 Aries

Mercury retrograde September 17th, October 9th

Saturn enters Sagittarius September 17th

I hope you had a nice summer, and I guess most of you felt some shift in your relationships: Venus has been retrograde since July 25th, and it will last until September 6th, asking us to review our values in relationships and discard the ones that no longer feel authentic. It is a time when we can feel more sensitive than usual to what makes us feel unworthy in relationships and re-adjust our self-expression accordingly, we just have to make sure we keep our ego and pride in check and operate from love. With that in mind, the Venus-Mars conjunction on September 1st can bring a strong sense of self-confidence and some nice fireworks in our relationships.

Jupiter is in Virgo, bringing more organization, efficiency and practicality in our daily tasks and work. Some of us might feel it is time to roll our sleeves up.

Saturn is leaving Scorpio on September 17th, so make sure you take advantage of the next couple weeks to clean up any unhealthy power play or “emotional stickiness” having to do with money, sex or trust in relationships. These last two years have been about releasing abuse, betrayal and abandonment issues. With Saturn entering Sagittarius, we’ll move onto working on what we really believe in, on making long term plans and on giving a concrete outlet to our spiritual sense or religious leanings.

Mercury becomes retrograde on September 17th: Refrain from starting anything new, review, rethink, repair, re-confirm, repeat, double-check…etc. This one should especially be difficult on communications, so make sure you’re clear when it is important.

Finally, September is an eclipse month: if something major is ending in your life, this is a good time to act on it, a great month to break patterns and shift dynamics, even if it takes the familiar away. Major growth can happen, so jump into the new!

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