Sophie Rose TheSkyThe New Moon on the 4th puts the accent on the transitions to make and dialogues to have so we are no longer prisoners of our old ideas and beliefs, it is time to let go of heavy stuff, take life as it is, and bring lightness and adaptability to some situations otherwise we might feel seriously frustrated trying to find a direction (Mutable Grand Cross). The need to shake up some psychological or emotional weight will be even stronger around June 29th: we can then release a lot of emotions that we tend to project a little too intensely right now (Mars direct at 24 Scorpio on June 29th).  If you are thinking about initiating new projects, if you are rethinking your motivations, your relationships to men, to your masculine side or your investment into a new direction, it is worth to wait until June 29th and see what it brings. It is a good month to ponder on the way we approach life in terms of relationship or our role in society and change our perspective (Jupiter trines Pluto at 17 Virgo-Capricorn on June 26th), the results will come between next November and August.

Have a great month !


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