The Power of Prayer can take one into a place of Awareness. This is a place to connect with the Self and in bringing one into the realizaton of what one truely wishes to draw into their experience. There are so many possibilites available in your experiences; one’s that can be either through contrast (negative) or expansion (positive). Prayer helps to bring one into the place of the God Self. One becomes grateful, realizing the gifts and blessings that have been drawn into one’s life. Having “opportunities” to share your love, your life, and your experiences are gifts to Self~resulting in blessings of co-creative expansion for all involved. How are you wishing to bring these into your life? Treating each as a gift to Self opens one’s heart to the joy that one has come to experience in this biological body. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Look at the bigger picture~There one will see the BIGGER GIFT!


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