The Power of Moldavite, Carnelian and Citrine

Let’s Get Stoned - A Gemstone Exploration: Moldavite, Carnelian, Citrine


Love, passion and money take center stage this month during our Let’s Get Stoned presentation at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 8 at our Lakewood store. And what better way to start the “holiday” season that is fast approaching.

Deanna Gloyd will take an in-depth look at Moldavite, Carnelian and Citrine to help us find that lost passion while putting a few dollars in our pocket, and some love into our lives.

Here is a quick look at the three stones.

Moldavite: This forest green tektite is a transformational stone. It will make you do what you need to do – what you are really passionate about, but are afraid to take action. Tektites are formed when a meteorite hits the Earth and melts the ground and vegetation at the impact site. So, use that as a reminder of its ability to transform.

Some people will feel this transformation in their heart chakra with a bit of a flush or rush of blood throughout their body. Moldavite will reach in deep within the heart to bring about what you need to get rid of and what you really desire in life. Moldavite will help you release the desire to be controlling or controlled in a relationship.

And if your heart’s desire is for spiritual renewal or clarity, Moldavite will help you achieve that awakening and growth.

Carnelian: The ancient Egyptians called Carnelian “the setting sun” because of its various hues of yellow, orange and red, and was worn for passion and love.

Carnelian helps you gain self-confidence, so that you can speak your mind and will give you confidence if you are preparing for a presentation. This self-confidence you exude will help attract the right people into your life.

It also stimulates the reproductive organs in both sexes, which could be why this crystal has become so popular with those looking for love.

Citrine: The Merchant’s Stone is placed in the cash drawers by many shop owners because of its ability to attract and maintain wealth. It holds the hue of the sun causing a bright beam on manifesting success in all areas of our lives. It also sparks creativity in a way that can be prosperous. 

Citrine is one of the Master Crystals and is also used to attract love and happiness while guarding against envy and jealousy.

It transmutes negative energy and grounds it while not holding or accumulating the negative vibes. It will transform negative thoughts into positive ones, making way for abundance.

To find out more about Moldavite, Citrine and Carnelian join Deanna this Friday. Click here to purchase tickets on our website. You may also call the store to purchase over the phone: 303-953-8760. 

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