The energy body is a muscle that we have often confused with the emotional body.  It lies underdeveloped and oftentimes dormant and abused, taking on psychic sludge and other people’s energy.

Perhaps you’re now realizing just how weak you are.  Your energy body is doing, feeling, perceiving and psychically processing energy that is not your own.  Yet that still, small, intuitive voice says, “Use me, attune me, take your power back!”

No different than taking a shower every day, it’s up to me to keep my aura, energy body clear.  So I recently received an amazing energetic tuneup from Anne Clark-Caya. I believe that this energetic shift has given my emotional body real information – – – not other people’s stuff, but my own, true filters running my clear guidance. 

(Anne Clark-Caya works in the electro-magnetic field (aura), clearing out negativity and blockages that you may be creating for yourself. Based on Barbara Ann Brennan’s work in balancing the energy centers that link into your physical body, Anne re-creates your original `Blue-Print` in order for you to move forward in your life with a clearer and stronger energy base.  She is available on Mondays from 11-5.)

So if we take care to run our own energies with directive force:

  • We won’t be bombarded with other people’s energy (stuff).
  • No thing, person, place of situation can knock us of our center.
  • We will have a clear channel for our own information.
  • We will naturally align with our soul’s mission.
  • We’re psychically set up our day to walk in our own inner-integrity and a solid sense of personal power.
  • Our emotional and our physical bodies will appreciate it!

If you haven’t already discovered the subtle energy bodies, auras, and chakra system, I refer to a couple of books on psychic tools that can be used on a daily basis.  And hey, and we can order these for you!  (303) 964-9339:

THE GIFT by Echo Bodine




ALSO CONSIDER:  The Good Energy Course:
Understanding how energies affect you & Learning to manage it Presented by Jen Dundee, 6/30/12 at 7PM

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