Synopsis of my talk 5th August for the New Moon in Leo, Sun in Leo 6th August 2013

MoonThis is a wonderfully creative New Moon, and free of the other intense astrological formations we have had presented to us over the past month or two.

The new moon has some intensity of its own and is about sowing seeds for things and events we are wanting to draw into our lives. New beginnings, opportunities and people.

The double Leo influence is expansive and energetic .. a VERY creative influence is present in this new moon.  Leo is outgoing and wants to be seen.

Authenticity is what you need to strive for here ~ In these new vibrational times and energies your Soul is needing a fuller influence in what you do, and `who you are`. It is time to un-clutter your life and environment in order you can more fully align with who you really are, ~ what you incarnated to do, ~ and how you show yourself to the world. Initiate the changes that are needed, and be receptive to those that present themselves ~ draw in the people and situations that will allow you to become the Being you truly are. Eliminate ( or begin to ) the people and situations  that restrict you in expressing your authentic truth and self.

You CAN take a chance now, live from your Heart and release the dictates of the ego. The more you are able to `walk your talk` the more balance and joy will become visible in your life. This change in you may produce resistance and issues from others who want you to maintain the old `status quo`~ do not buy into their judgments.

Be generous with authentic praise, for yourself and for others, even a small step or achievement is worthy of acknowledgement. Change is inevitable now,, it will prove much easier to initiate what you see needs to be adjusted, then waiting for life and the universe to step in and manifest it for you.

Blessings , Anne.

Moon Gatherings with Anne Clark-Caya – presenting twice monthly Full and New Moon Gatherings with Intention Setting Visualizations
Full Moon and New Moon cycles in the astrological houses as well as nearby planets can have a significant influential role in our lives.   Anne will explain the energies of each cycle and how we can work with these prevailing energies to empower and enhance our lives.  A guided visualization will help you set clear intention to engage with each two-week moon cycle. Join us !  Cost:  $10/person. Call the store or Anne to RSVP.
AnneClark-CayaNEWAnne Clark-Caya – Spiritual Energy Healer, Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Merkaba Meditation Teacher – I am British and am settling into life in Colorado after living in South Africa for 36 years. I am very excited to have recently introduced COLOUR MIRRORS from South Africa into the USA. This fascinating new therapy uses the psychology of colour, in order to assist in your finding the answers to life`s challenges and dilemmas. COLOUR MIRRORS is well established in Europe and the East ~ and people here in the USA is enjoying these amazing coloured bottles.
I have almost 40 years of study and research into the Metaphysical world. I have focused on the study and experience of various alternative practices. These include Barbara Anne Brennan energy therapy, Flower of Life Facilitator, ( Mer Ka Ba lightbody activation) Stress Management, Reiki Master Teacher, Massage and Aromatherapy, and Meditation Teacher. Anne is also available on Tuesday, Wednesday and 1st and 3rd Sundays from 11-5PM or by appointment for Energy Clearing and Healing Balance


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