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Sound Therapy Eases Stress, Pain and Changes Brainwaves

By Eliza Marie Somers

Singing BowlsHave you heard the adage: Music soothes the savage beast? Well, it’s not just a fable, science confirms sound and vibrational therapies change brainwave frequencies and the nervous system, lowers stress levels and boosts immune function while also interrupting negative patterns. 

Music was used in ancient Greece to cure mental disorders, and singing bowls have been used in Tibetan culture for centuries. 

Now medical science is taking a look at sound and vibrational therapy. One study, which noted mood and anxiety cause an increase in disease, looked at singing bowl meditation and its effects on the body. The researchers used Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Ting-shas (tiny cymbals), dorges (bells), didgeridoos, and other small bells. The study found that crystal singing bowls changed the electrical responses in the body (Think blood pressure, and pain response.) and Tibetan singing bowls also decreased blood pressure and heart rate. 

A study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy found that 95% of clients who had stress-related issues felt an increase in calmness after a session.

Using tuning forks is another form of vibrational therapy, and there is research suggesting it might relieve muscle and bone pain.

In an article for Shape, Dr. Mark Menolascino said: “Everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. We’re hard-wired to have sound be part of us. In the brain, all our neurons fire at different frequencies based on the data they receive from things around us. Those vibrations interact with every cell in your body.”

Some of the conditions sound therapy has been used for include:

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Autism
  • Learning disabilities
  • Stress
  • Anxiety disorders

We have a variety of Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls at both of our locations (4900 46th Ave., Denver and 1923 North Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood) that are currently on sale at 15% off (good until 1/31/2020). Please stop by and see or hear if sound therapy is something you would like to incorporate into your health routine!   

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