Dear Ones,

Photo: To leave your mark in the world, you will have to stand someplace you’ve never been willing to stand before ~ Debbie FordMore at Gaia Speaks ♬♡♫: to the page, like, share and add it to your interest lists to make sure you get all the updates!This is a time of examining old beliefs. Beliefs which may have held you back from your process of expansion. These old beliefs  have served you in the past, however, you may now be finding them counterproductive as you bring in your new processes of change. Fear that once held you back can now be seen for the illusion that it is…your own perception of what is not your truth. You are energy and energy needs to be in constant motion. When it is not, energy become stagnant and toxic. It is time to awaken the courage of the warrior…the Phoenix has burned to ashes and the time for flight is upon you. Opportunities await! Holding onto the ways of your past will not serve you any longer at this point in your life and it is time walk across the fire of New Beginnings!

Some of you are finding that the Universe has “assisted” you in completing certain events through the losing or changing of jobs, friends, environments or situations. This is your guidance from the Higher Realms of Being. When you continue to “hold” onto something that is no longer allowing your process of expansion, circumstances will come about which will force or assisted your decision for completion of that situation. It is time to remove the Shackles of Old Beliefs and allow yourself to move forward without fear. Yes, it is difficult to not move back into fear when one does not know what comes next in the process of change, however, remember this earthly quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same process over and over again, but expecting a different result each time.” Would you rather be insane or free…

We love you very much…Nick 6/1/13 


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