Radiah Nunez, In Memoriam by Dianne Fresquez

Dia NunezShe called me ‘Mama Bear’ 

Radiah Nunez in memoriam by Dianne Fresquez, Owner – For Heaven’s Sake – New Age, Inc.

Our dear Dia was a pillar of strength. Everyone she served benefitted from her psychic ingenuity. We send much love to her on her new journey knowing that her work on the other side will be just as powerful and beneficial to all she touches. – Dianne Fresquez, Store Owner (Mama Bear)

What I know about Dia is that she fully embodied her spiritual teachings. She held space for many; empowering them so that they could heal themselves. She deeply cared about them. And they needed her too; believing she was well worth knowing and best kept close in their circle for personal growth. What she was and did for them was well worth the benefit of knowing her.

Ultimately, I didn’t understand her gifts, but I respected her work.  And, many times, she was the go-to reader because of the unique connection she had with her Grandmother. Her ability to clear spirits and energies was unlike any other practitioner in the store because only Dia would or could do this. This was her strength. She was a warrior!

Her words. They were her worth. They either comforted you or they gave you a lesson. Both were for your very best and highest good! I felt held and comforted by Dia’s words and I knew they were integral to who she was as a strong spiritual priestess. She didn’t ever yell, but if you were guilty, her words could sting!

I’m sorry for your passing, Dear Dia! Mama Bear asks for your blessings from the other side. We honor you, your work, and your presence on this planet. You were a gift and you will be dearly missed.

To her parents I say you should be proud of your daughter. She was a mirror of your strength; your powerful presence, and she left an indelible imprint on everyone she touched with her greater Work.

I don’t know if she called anyone else Mama Bear, but to me it meant that I was the caretaker of the fold here at For Heaven’s Sake. It was an honor having known her. With great appreciation and pride, we will keep the ripples of her work going forward. Her impact lives on.

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