BEST new moon of 2012

Key words; Relationships, Love, Harmony, Grace, Healing, Wisdom, Optimism, Teamwork, Partnerships, Enthusiasm.

This wonderful new moon is offering us respite from the dramatic revolutionary energies of the past few moon cycles. We can make fresh starts in all relationships and partnerships in our lives; especially our relationship with ourselves.

Libra brings balance to all things, so at this time we can re-establish balance in all areas of our lives. Look at where what and who needs attention. We are more easily compassionate, and can be generous in finding mutually beneficial solutions to conflicts and challenges.

Get creative, – literally, and also in finding ways to resolve old dramas and challenges. Get out and mingle with others – grow your networks on all levels –  friends, clients etc. get to know YOURSELF better. Get out and  into nature,, and absorb how the natural cycles simply flow — nothing is forced, the seasons and changes gently unfold into the next state of being. We can learn from this.

Keep the balance though – don’t over-commit yourself, or expect too much from others. Be guided by the synchronicities and the “Invisible Helping Hands“.


Anne Clark-Caya

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