New Moon and Sun in Cancer 8th July 2013

Mercury still retrograde. Saturn goes direct 8th. Jupiter changed house June 25th for a full year.

Although all of this sounds busy and active, this is a wonderful nurturing New Moon giving us the option to “begin again”. Cancer is an emotional water sign, bringing a time for mothering, family, our tribe and cultural roots ~ and so this time is about loving and nurturing ourselves in the deepest way.  Allowing our inner child to fully experience ” a mothers love”. But, a mothers love is not just about “now” – it is also about the future for the child ~ ensuring all will be well and safe going forward ~ and if we are able to allow ourselves to fully “love” ourselves we can then more easily begin to apply this same nurturing out into the world, and look for holistic and loving solutions for our Mother the Earth.

Mercury retrograde allows us to “look back” into our lives and see what events and people in our history did NOT nurture us,, and so we learn not to repeat patterns or habits.

Saturn is the task-master ~  teaching us patience, tenacity and wisdom. Saturn expects us to take action on the” mercury” insights and work to empower ourselves with this knowledge, in regards to all our relationships, our health and  our money.

Overall this time is about deep self-truth and nurturing. Feeling the feelings and using intuition to guide us to what is right and true for ourselves. Use your feelings as a guiding system to show you where your values truly lay. Feelings are neither “good” nor “bad” they are simply a way for our soul to reveal us what is going on for us at any given time.  If we avoid a “feeling” we are side stepping real and deep insights.

Be aware now that the more we are able to love ourselves, the more we are able to love another. We cannot offer someone, something we are not able to give ourselves. Be aware of the bigger picture at all times ~~ offering Mother Earth the same lovingness we seek and need to give to ourselves. Find the “Holistic” solutions.  All is connected, and we belong to the planetary tribe. No exceptions. What we do for ourselves, we do for others.

Jupiter is has recently changed astrological house and will remain there for the next 12 months. He brings expansion, optimism, and abundance into whichever house he moves into in your own chart. This will be different for each astrological sign. I recommend you investigate this for yourself in order you can be open to the positive influences being offered to you.

Post by Anne Clark-Caya – – – Join us!

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