My Prayer for You
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 3.33.02 PM“My prayer for you”

Begin by lighting incense (optional)

I invoke God’s legion of light. All of my guides closest to God and my highest self. Saint Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, God’s legion of light.

Come forth.
Come forth.

Come forth! I invoke thy divine presence and asked for thy divine assistance.

(light the candles)

(breathe in love) …
(exhale all that is unlike love) …
I release all that is unlike love, purge the pandemic, and return to love.
God of God. Light of light, true God of true God
Hear my prayer.
I recognize one God, One father, the divine light so bright that only love can exist. All darkness fades into the oneness; one infallible divine supreme healing light of God.

This one light God source cannot be  Divided nor Diminished. It is the source of all all.And I recognize this light I AM.  I AM no less a child of God.

I AM that one light of love force. Therefore All-powerful light of God now recognizes only pure and healing energy In and through me and all things.
(Visualize white light  above, below, in and through all things. Surrounding everything)
I ask for Christ white light of consciousness, protection, love, transformative grace, canceling this pandemic and releasing the fear so that it can no longer consume us.
I ask Spirit to transform, transmute and diminish the ill effects of anything less than love, and release the grip of anything of a lower vibration that may have a suck hold attachment to myself and all things and people contained here in this bubble, this space, surrounding areas, house, this city, state, this country, this continent, these oceans, this world into the atmosphere and beyond. Past, Present future. Now and for all time.
There is only love
There is only love
There is only love
I affirm a return to a perfect state of Being.
Gently, joyously, easily for the best and highest good of all concerned.
I go forth knowing that it is so.
It is transformed and it is done.
In the words of Kryon,
“you are dearly loved”
Peace be with you.
Dianne Fresquez – Store owner, For Heaven’s Sake


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