Moldavite, Chakra Candles and Crystals Help Tackle Resolutions

Moldavite, Chakra Candles and Crystals Help Tackle Resolutions

by Eliza Somers

How are your new year’s resolutions going? About this time every year those promises to ourselves get tossed out the window. But don’t give up just yet. We at For Heaven’s Sake have some items that just might help you make good on those promises.

For the new year I like to start by re-aligning my chakras with a reiki session (here’s a link to our spiritual practitioners so you can see who resonates with you.) and donning some chakra jewelry. I love these bracelets and they won’t break the bank at around $10. Right now, I’m wearing this one with flat beads as it’s great for when you are on the computer for long periods of time. 

I also like to use gem water, and for convenience I use these Chakra stir sticks. This is a great way to infuse your water as some crystals contain poisonous elements such as arsenic. So NEVER put crystals directly into your water without knowing the composition of the crystal. 

And, of course, I enjoy burning a chakra candle and meditating on what I want to accomplish this coming year. These rainbow candles burn evenly and are made with palm wax. We also have a smaller chakra candle along with individual candles for each chakra. 

If journaling is one of your resolutions, please pick up one of Sue Lion’s journals. The paper is smooth and thick enough for markers. This journal is a companion to Donna DeNomme’s latest book “As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage.” 

While you are at our Lakewood store, please take a look at Sue Lion’s products. She is a wonderful artist, and she lost her house and studio in the Marshall Fire that destroyed more than 1,000 homes. 

Here are a few other items that might help with your resolutions.

Diet: The crystal Apatite  It’s a funny name for a stone that can help with your cravings. And check our bracelet inventory so that every time you look at your wrist you are reminded to eat a healthy diet. 

Alcohol: Amethyst  is wonderful to help you through the Clean January challenge, and beyond. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed the Goddess of Wine Dionysus created the crystal when he spilled wine on clear quartz. Ancient Greeks also made wine glasses out of Amethyst thinking it would prevent them from getting drunk. 

Organization: Moldavite motivates me to get things done, and darn do I need help just getting started with project. Fluorite is great for focus and concentration, so I will put a piece of fluorite in my pocket when I attempt an organizing mission.  

I hope these suggestions help as you refresh and reimagine a new year with new possibilities! 


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