Now is a time of broken contracts and words; a time of bringing into your awareness of that which you wish to bring into your experience: ego or forgiveness. The ego plays a large part in keeping one from bringing in forgiveness into one’s daily experiences. Ego’s control of ones life is a life of non-expansion and non-grace. This is a most difficult shift for one to make…to not take things personally. Without this process of coming into awareness one would be in a place of non-expansion and “lack” of Being. Keeping in mind that all things change, awareness expands and the opening of the heart is all encompassed into what your “reality” of a biological being can be; giving oneself the opportunity to accept this through a higher vibrational awareness. Know that this difficulty of change is a temporary process…this too shall go through a re-creation process in your shift of awareness of Being.~Nick~6/4/11


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