Pink Tourmaline CrystalsJump-start your new year’s resolutions by manifesting with crystals and candles. Why? A candle flame can bring light into a situation and crystals are like jet fuel once you align them with your intentions.

I like to cleanse the candles and crystals before setting intentions. There are several ways to cleanse, including smudging with sage to clear the items and then with palo santo or sweetgrass to fill the void with sacred purifying energy. You can also set items out in the light of the full or new moon, or the sun (be careful with lighter colored stones as they can fade).

After cleansing, set your intention, light the candle and then meditate with the crystal. Some people like to place the crystals on corresponding chakra points, this is up to you. It is helpful to have a pen and paper handy so you can write down what comes to you in your moment of stillness.

To help you manifest here is a list of candle colors to correspond with intentions, along with crystals.


White: Represents peace, truth, purity, new beginnings, spirituality and repels negative energy.

Black: Eliminates negative energy, helps break habits, ends a phase in your life, and helps in transitions.   

Red: Passion, love, fire, vitality, courage, health are what exemplifies this candle.

Green: Green is the color of money and symbolizes abundance, careers, and good luck. It is also the color of nature and represents growth and healing in all areas of your life.

Yellow: The color helps to lighten dark moods, eliminates obstacles and brings clarity to a situation. Yellow is also associated with the brain and can help with focus, concentration, willpower.

Orange: Joy is present in orange along with energy, ambition, vitality and fun, and who doesn’t want fun energy in their lives. It is also used for creativity, plenty, good health, weight loss, and good careers. We could all use some fun in the workplace.

Blue: This is the color of water, so think calm, happiness, forgiveness, gentleness, emotional healing, peace and patience. Well-being, wisdom and connection with your higher self while helping with addictions, and clearing the aura of trauma are also benefits of blue candles.

Purple or Lavender: This color embodies spiritual awareness, wisdom, intuition, healing and peace along with being a color of royalty, so purple also represents wealth, riches and expansiveness.

Pink or Rose: Love, yes, love including self-love and all matters of the heart. Friendship, harmony, joy, compassion and forgiveness are also present in pink.

Silver: This is the moon color and goddess or female energy candle that can bring healing, remove negative energy and induce rest.

Gold: Sun energy represents wealth, optimism, willpower, confidence, good fortune and spiritual enlightenment.


Clear Quartz: The “Master Healer” can be attuned or programmed to any situation – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is associated with the higher chakras and brings Divine light into situations.

Amethyst: This purple crystal is an “all purpose” stone, imparting wisdom, knowledge and complete metamorphosis when you need change in your life. It is used for meditation, bringing calm and peace while clearing unproductive actions. It has so many uses, including helping overcome addictions, and if you are looking for more sleep in 2019 this stone helps with insomnia.

Citrine: A “Merchant’s Stone” helps manifest money, wealth, abundance and new opportunities. This is a powerful manifestation crystal, so keep it handy in all your intentions with new beginnings. It also helps with weight loss, by placing the stone on the solar plexus and meditating.

Rose Quartz: Love and all matters of the heart, including harmony and peace. It opens you up to receive love and forgive others. This crystal also can help you heal from emotional traumas.

Green Aventurine: Money, good luck, new opportunities, true friendship and loving relationships are some of this stone’s properties.

Flint: This gray, black crystal can help bring wealth to new ventures. It also helps to sever ties.

Jade or Jadeite: Green jade can help with matters of the heart and an abundance stone. Jade is also good for overall health and helps regenerate tissues. 

Kunzite: A light purple stone that helps eliminate obstacles.

Blue Apatite: Yes, as the name implies this crystal helps with weight loss

Herkimer Diamonds: This is a form of quartz and is used this for new beginnings, dissolving fears, and is a stone of attunement.

Epidote: Can be programmed for your intentions. It augments wealth, friendships, and employment.

Apophyllite: Another crystal you can program. It also helps one to recognize one’s behavior and to correct it.

We hope these suggestions help you manifest your best intentions for 2019! Stop in one of our two locations for candles (our Lakewood location has unscented coconut/palm candles, and Denver has everything!) crystals and smudging products. Would you like hands-on help with your crystals? Join us Saturday, January 12th from 7-9pm for our Let’s Get Stoned workshop! We’ll focus on cultivating fertile soil and planting seeds for 2019. The collective energy of our conscious circle, intensified by the healing and activating properties of the magnificent crystals will catapult us toward success in the new year! Learn more and purchase tickets here:

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