“Dancing with the Stars”
By Janis Page   c2010

Happy New Year!   And oh lordy, what a year this is going to be… first, a brief 2010 nutshell summary “rantrospective” – 2010 was the year we were called to remember who we are, and why we are here… part of that has been dealing with and releasing old conditioning and habituation, including Old Issues and old family patterns.   The year was one of ever-increasing intensity, and ended with a rollicking December with out-of-bounds planets to help us move beyond “expected behavioral and belief parameters” and with an extremely powerful total lunar eclipse hours before the winter Solstice.   Did you see that incredibly beautiful, poignant Moon, red in her eclipse light?  While riding these cosmic rockets, you took the opportunity to contemplate where you are in your life, and what seeds of intention you want to put in place from here on, right?  

A quick glance at this new year thru my handy-dandy 2011 pocket astrologer calendar has me a little mind-blown, shall we say?   For one thing, this year will have *4* solar eclipses instead of the usual standard-issue two, and as the Moon’s nodes move out of security-oriented Cancer-Capricorn into information and communication minded Gemini-Sagittarius, eclipse triggers will subsequently be more along those lines.  Also, we might expect the retrograde phases of Mercury, as the ruling planet of Gemini, to take on a more dominant role in our evolution and awareness.  In 2010, the Mercury Rx periods were all in practical earth signs, asking us to slow down and get grounded.  This year, the three Mercury Rx phases are in fire signs, calling for us to bring creative enthusiasm, spiritual inspiration and passion into our endeavors.  

Also, this year major activation planets Jupiter and Uranus move out of sensitive Pisces into action-packed, impulsive Aries.   Jupiter enters Aries on January 22 then actually flashes through Aries in a mere five months and enters Taurus in June!   The other major planetary change this year is giant watery Neptune leaving Aquarius to enter his own sign of Pisces in April, then retrogrades back into Aquarius for a final fling for the remainder of the year.   The “mutual reception” between Uranus in Pisces, Neptune’s sign, and Neptune in Aquarius, Uranus’ sign, will come apart when Uranus enters Aries in March, after being with us and supporting our spiritual evolution for many years now.  

What does all this mean?   Simply put, 2011 is going to find the energies and changes moving even faster than 2010.    Get centered and clear, and ready to fly!   There is new freedom and fluidity in all this.  I’m reminded of the saying by the Tibetan Buddhist, Chogyam Trungpa… “The bad news is that you are free-floating through space without a parachute.   The good news is that there is no ground.”        
The big event in January is the solar eclipse new Moon at 13 degrees of Capricorn in the early hours of January 4th.  This is the paired eclipse with the lunar eclipse on Dec 21, so we start the year within the container of volatile eclipse energies.   This solar eclipse is not visible here, nor is it on the local ascendant like the lunar eclipse was, but it sure has its power, as it squares disciplinarian Saturn conjunct explosive uranian transneptunian Zeus, calling for us to act responsibly and decisively with integrity, and in accordance with our work, or our calling.   But also, the eclipse is very tightly conjunct the asteroid Eros, bringing in sexual energy, and on the 90 degree dial also activating Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio, and uranian transneptunian Admetos.  I like to say that Admetos makes Saturn look perky…  so adding in these energies, the eclipse calls us to deepen in our creative lifeforce and sexual energies, idealism and transition, and to go deeply within it all.   Remember the integrity part!   If you know your chart, see what house 13 Capricorn falls in to see what area of your life is predominantly impacted.    But that’s not all that happens on that day… in addition to the solar eclipse, Jan 4th also holds an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 27 Pisces, with the eclipse-activated Venus making an exact flowing 120 degree trine to the pair of planetary giants and a square to also activated Neptune-Chiron bringing magic, expansion, idealism insight – also possible excess and indulgence, and a possible feeling of being an exception to the rules.  Oh, have fun.   Just remember you will also be held responsible for consequences if you go toooo far over the line….
The full Moon is Jan 19th at 29 Cancer opposing the Sun at Capricorn, quite close to the solar eclipse last year on January 14th at 25 degrees, so there may be some residual activation of the energies of a year ago.   At this last 29th degree, there is a sense of urgency, asking what must be finished?    And it isn’t just the Sun and Moon at 29 degrees for the full Moon.   Also at the last degree are Jupiter at 29 Pisces, with a trine to the Moon and sextile of opportunity to the Sun for friendly expansion, and uranian transneptunian Hades at 29 Gemini, squaring Jupiter, reminding us of accountability, and bringing in an energy of disintegration of the past as well as a call to authenticity.   Substance, not packaging!   On the dial, this full Moon also activates Pluto, further demanding we stay in integrity and aligned to spirit – that means stay flexible and aware, and don’t abuse power – and adding to that, the uranian transneptunian Kronos, relating to power and authority.   We may see some changes at high levels…

So, 2010 was a year of increasing intensification, and 2011 continues with that energy and kicks it up (a lot) further.   The universe smiles sweetly and demands that we evolve.  Are you one of the many with angel footprints on your butt?   If so, turn the other cheek, remember you can ask for help whenever you need it, jump in, and get to work!    Blessings to all…

About Janis:
Janis is extremely psychic and works with 5 Angelic Mentors as a spiritual counselor and practical mystic.  She also does distance healing and clearing.

As a teacher, spiritual counselor and astrologer for several decades, my traditional astrological background includes dial and asteroid study with Martha Lang-Wescott, and beginning tutoring in Uranian astrology with Ruth Brummund. I have given presentations on the planetary archetypes and music at Don Campbell’s Mystery School as part of his teaching staff, and also to ROMA (Rocky Mountain Astrologers), the Colorado Federation of Astrologers, and the Colorado Jung Society.

My non-traditional astrological explorations include studying Tibetan astrology at the Tibetan Institute of Medicine and Astrology (Men-Tsee-Khan) in Dharamsala, India, and receiving initiation and studying its astrologically related and derived Kalachakra Tantra. As part of my interest in experiential and manifested astrological applications, I have also learned to do the Sufi dervish spins and walks of the planets from Sufi teachers Wali Ali and Pir Shabda Kahn.

I have many years study and experiential work in Native American, Tibetan Buddhist, and Jungian studies and dream work, including many years study with several shamans from different traditional backgrounds and lineages. There I have studied healing, oracle, energy studies, psychic imagery, Peruvian toning, universal laws and principles, and more. Using a meditation technique I call “direct inquiry” I have engaged with archetypal energies of the elements, planets, stars, and even a black hole. They are not accustomed to being “invited to tea” and are most intriguing and gracious guests!

In addition to my love of “dancing with the archetypes” of the planetary beings, I take a practical mystic and compassionate intuitive approach to my astrology readings as a means of spiritual counseling. I see a chart as “the blueprint to the soul’s growth”, and humorously, as “the contract in your lifetime orientation packet”, providing keys of understanding in how to integrate and balance Essence, ego and mind in one’s life and path. I have done astrological readings for people on every continent except Africa ~ yes, even Antarctica…  I also teach astrology classes in asteroids, the uranian transneptunians, and the 90 degree dial.

I love to travel, and have taken spiritual journeys to India, Peru, Australia, Japan, Venezuela, and Greece. My travels support my Essence recall, as I take a multicultural as well as multi- and interdimensional approach to my life and work.

Janis is available in-store or privately by appointment.  303-832-2333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              303-832-2333      end_of_the_skype_highlighting janis@rubymala.com
Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/
Janis available in-store on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 12-5 or by appointment.  Contact the store for details and to book your session in advance.  Cost:  $50/30 minutes; $95/hour.
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