Angels await you.  All I need do is ask…

I acknowledge God in and All things. Ineffable beauty, unlimited, in and through, behind, above and below, around & surrounding me in a blanket of love.  I Am, I cried to All One here!  Heard on all levels and acknowledged on all realms.  How powerful and so wonderful this feeling of peace, love, support and understanding!  My God, it’s all so very perfect, right and wonderfully pungent.  Pregnant with loving possibilities!  I love the fact that Angels await me.  All I need do is ask.  I’m not alone but surrounded by the light of God and his angels, saints, cherubs, seraphim and legion of light.

They ask what I need for in this moment.  For I have sent out a strong invocation and they stand en guard.  I feel their presence ringing in my ears and my heart sings full of love.

(state your intention)

Feel the love and release it NOW and for all time.  Knowing that it is done.  Sweetly, gently, easily, and effortlessly…  Thank you, God!  And so it is.



My prayers are with you.  In love, Dianne

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