Crystals have always fascinated and benefited mankind. They have long been used throughout history for a variety of purposes. Today, more and more people are open to using healing crystals. In fact, even celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry are embracing the benefits of these gems.

If you have found the perfect crystal for you, chances are, you want to make the most out of them.  Here are 4 ways to incorporate crystals into your everyday life.

Wear as a jewelry

The most common way of wearing crystals is to wear them as a necklace or as a ring. Or you can just slip it in your pouch if you don’t feel like wearing them. This can come in handy whenever you need a boost in confidence or you need some help in calming down. Some crystals can also intensify or amplify your energies.


Healing crystals are often used to help relieve stress and anxiety. Similarly, many people practice yoga in order to get the same benefits. When you use crystals during yoga practice, it allows you to create a closer connection with yourself, your crystal and your yoga practice. Most importantly, it takes you to a deeper level of practice and will help you regain balance.

You can place your crystals on the top edge or at the bottom of the mat. Crystals are pretty. They are sure to make you smile when you see them during plank pose.

Place it under your pillow

There are certain crystals that can help you sleep better at night and ward off nightmares. Simply place them under your pillow to promote a restful sleep.

Memory enhancement

Of course, we’re not suggesting that students can ditch their textbooks and lectures as crystals cannot give you a photographic memory. What crystals can do is to give you a boost in concentration and memory, making it easier for you to remember things.

Keep calcite, hematite and pyrite crystals near your upper body during the day and under your pillow at night.

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