Crystals and gemstones look amazing. A lot of people wear them on their wrists as bracelets or around their neck on beautiful chains. Some even use them as ornaments for their homes. But they’re not just for show and tell.

Crystals and gemstones have powerful healing energy, and people have been using them for thousands of years already. But in order to harness the power of your crystals, you need to take good care of them. This way, you can be sure that their energy will remain pure and unobstructed. Plus, it will help retain their beauty.

Here are some tips on how to care for your crystals and gemstones.

Cleansing crystals

Crystals need to be cleansed to eliminate any impurities and to bring them to a clear, pure state. This is especially important after acquiring the crystal.

Crystals are handled by lots of people – from the moment they were mined up to the time you selected the crystal. Many of them attract energy from their surroundings. Your crystals need to be cleansed and cleared regularly, depending on how frequently you use or wear them. We also recommend cleansing the crystals after using it for healing sessions.

Charging crystals

Crystals already have their own unique powers. But if you are using stones and crystals to reach your goals, you need to empower them. One way of charging your crystal is by placing them in areas where they will be exposed to the sun or moon.

The solar or lunar power can charge your crystals. If you need a boost in confidence, make sure that the crystal comes in contact with the sun. The masculinity of the sun will help you achieve your goal. The feminine power of the moon is beneficial if you want to feel sexier.

Storing crystals

Store your crystals in a clean, dry location. Most crystals can get damaged or destroyed when exposed to dust, moisture or extreme temperature. Store them in a warm place in winter and keep them away from the sunlight in summer. Some crystals may also fade after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Some stones are very fragile. To maximize your crystals’ longevity, tender love and care is essential. That said, we highly recommend that you place them in individual pouches. It is also a good idea to separate hard stones from the soft stones to prevent damage or chipping.

Charging crystalsCleansing crystalsCrystal healingCrystalsFor heaven's sake denverHere are some tips on how to care for your crystals and gemstones.How to care for your crystals and gemstonesStoring crystals

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