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A Stone’s Throw – The Beginning

My name is Ky Gabriel and I am an Intuitive. Through a honed connection to the Divine that began at a very early age (48 years ago), I receive messages and intuit energies. I am also an artist, a spiritual counselor and a teacher. I create, sell and teach about making prayer bead malas and this work is what deepened my love of and connection to stones and crystals. Over the years, I have become deeply in tune with their energies, properties and meanings. Through combining various gemstone beads in the creation of my malas and my student's pieces, I have helped hundreds of seekers receive the support they need in a sacred talisman. Working closely with the stones cultivated the foundation for my newest endeavor, Divya Stones.

The inspiration to create a divination board through which the stones can speak hit me like a lighting bolt. I was sharing with a dear friend an experience I had at one of my mala workshops where I spontaneously offered mini readings based on the stones that were selected by my students. He said, "I don't know why you are not offering crystal readings!" In that moment a bolt of energy surged through my body and I was gifted a vision from Spirit of the board I was to create. It was crystal clear (pun intended)! I saw the shape, the eight sections, the eye in the center and many symbols scattered all over its surface. I had to grab a piece of paper and immediately start sketching so that I wouldn't forget.

For many months, I collaborated with Spirit, connected symbols, designed and created the board, selected the stones and wrote a guidebook for my readings. Not surprisingly, as is the case when something is gifted straight from the Universe, the readings immediately flowed naturally, organically and in a profoundly connected way. Divya Stones is the perfect tool for me to combine my intuitive gifts, my understanding of the crystals and a complete symbology that covers a wholistic human experience to deliver insightful and profound readings for you. I am still blown away and so very grateful for this gift from the Divine and my new avenue to fulfil my purpose! What is my purpose? Guiding and supporting people on their journeys of healing, evolution, growth and thriving!

So, what does your reading look like?

- You sit in front of the board opposite the table from me, or join me via Zoom with a camera focused on the board.

- I give a brief explanation of my process and you share the areas you want to focus on such as career, relationships, family, health, etc. Or we simply do a "What do we need to know right now" reading.

- You intuitively select five different crystals in pairs for a 30 minute reading and eight pairs for an hour reading.

- You hold the stones, keeping their intention for the reading in mind, shake them up and scatter them on the board. If it is a Zoom or phone reading, I will throw the stones for you.

- You then select one stone from my velvet bag without looking and place it in the center. This is the "Guide Stone" and offers the overarching energy for the reading.

- Based on the energies of the crystals, the sections and symbols they land on and my intuition, I begin to read the board. As I go, messages, themes and insights steadily weave together as connections are made and messages come through.

- You may take notes or audio record the reading and are free to ask questions and seek clarity throughout the session. It is completely interactive!

I would be honored to read for you and support you on your path!

I have been teaching mala making and crystal classes at For Heaven’s Sake for several years and am honored to be offering my readings at their fabulous shop.   Please call 303-284-3470 to make an appointment. 

Beginning in February 2023, I will be hosting the monthly Let's Get Stone class at For Heaven's Sake Applewood! I will host most classes and they are held the second Saturday of the month, $20 single ticket or two for $30! Check the Google Calendar for class info and to access the link to the ticketing page!  


** Divya Stones (TM) divination board, name, art, branding and method are protected under trademark and copyright and owned by Ky Gabriel.  No duplication or similar rendering is permitted.  
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