Our home is our sanctuary. It is where we feel safe and relaxed. As such, we want our homes to be a peaceful, positive, and happy place. But there are times when we don’t feel comfortable inside our home. Bringing crystals into your home can change how you feel physically and mentally. Those beautiful, sparkly gemstones can energize every room in your home, as well as boost your energy and well-being.

Bring good vibrations to every room in your home by placing the right crystals in strategically around the house.

Living room

The living room is often the busiest room in the house. It is where most families bond, relax and unwind. Often, it is where interactions, discussions and even arguments take place. In this case, we recommend having Amber in the living room. This crystal helps purify the space, brings positive energy and even a splash of romance.


The kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. Most homeowners use the kitchen for socializing and entertaining guests. Some bond as a family in the kitchen.

We highly recommend placing Rose Quartz in the kitchen as it bathes the room with loving, healing, and nurturing energy. Not only will it encourage good relationship between family members, it also helps mend feud between family members. It creates a peaceful, loving environment.


Your bedroom should be the most relaxing room in your home. It is where you take refuge after a long, stressful day at work. It is where you re-energize, so you’ll be ready to take on everything the next day.

Amethyst is the perfect crystal to place in your bedroom. This crystal will create a calm, peaceful environment, so you can sleep soundly at night. Place it on your bedside table or under your bed to enjoy the benefits of this crystal.

Home office

Citrine is a great crystal to have if you are looking to boost your mental stamina, focus, and concentration. In addition, citrine is a stone that brings good luck and abundance. Not only will it help you get the job done, it may also help you reach your professional goals.

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