Benefits of Burning IncenseIncense has been used since the beginning of time because of its healing and spiritual powers. However, a lot of people are unaware of the many benefits it has to the body and mind. In fact, most people think of it simply as an air freshener.

While we often see incense being burned in places of worship such as churches or temples, they can also be used in your home. Here are a few reasons to burn incense at home.

Reduce tension and anxiety
Incense can be a very useful and practical tool in keeping a pleasant and relaxing home. Give the candles a break and light some incense sticks of jasmine or lavender in your room. They are good at quelling anxiety and giving relief from anxious symptoms.

To heighten awareness
Of the 5 senses we are blessed with, the sense of smell is the one that is strongly connected to the brain. One whiff of a familiar smell will take you back to the memory.  The use of incense is a profound way to heighten awareness.

Stimulate creativity
If you are a musician, writer or any other creative artist that is in need of a creative injection, try burning incense. The aroma of incense can help spike your imagination and generate ideas.

Calm the mind
Incense is an incredible tool to be used for meditation practice. Scents such as camphor, sandalwood and Japanese cedar have special calming effects on the mind; thus, promoting relaxation, openness and grounding. However, practitioners do not recommend burning them during meditation. Rather, they advise to do this beforehand to purify the air in the room.

Enhance concentration and focus
For thousands of years, monks have used incense for its concentration powers. Jewelers have also used them to help them focus on their work. The use of specific incense can help clear the mind; thus, allowing them concentrate on the task at hand.

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