Crystal Comparisons: Astrophyllite vs. Apophyllite

Astrophyllite vs. Apophyllite

Different metaphysical properties for similar sounding crystals: Astrophyllite. Apophyllite. They sound similar but are extremely different. Astrophyllite vs Apophyllite - here's the rundown. 

Astrophyllite is a very rare, brown to golden-yellow with pyramid shapes

Astrophyllite, currently one of the favorite crystals for Diane Fresquez, the owner of For Heaven’s Sake, displays flashes of bladed bronze crystals, and the rare, unique stone is found in Colorado, Norway and Russia. It ranges in color from a golden yellow to a bronze.

Astrophyllite comes from the Greek word for brilliant and leaf, so no, it’s not a crystal that comes from the outer world, though it can assist in astral travel.

Melody in her book “Love is in the Earth” writes Astrophyllite is a stone of marriage bringing blissfulness to the home and relationships. The bladed crystal enhances fidelity, truthfulness and openness. A perfect crystal for Valentine’s Day.

Astrophyllite is thought to help you: 

  • discover past connections
  • accept past actions that you regret
  • alleviates guilt so you can focus on your future

Considering all this, Astrophyllite is an excellent crystal for growth and moving forward, as it helps one to see themselves as having no limitations, and that we are “in fact all stars,” writes Melody. Meditate with Astrophyllite if you are at a turning point in your life. 

If you are looking to purge unwanted and outdated “stuff” or people from your life then this is your crystal. Astrophyllite allows a person to eliminate things from their life so they can continue to grow and develop. Like Moldavite, Astrophyllite will give you that “get up and go” to get things done that need to be accomplished.

It also shows the holder or wearer of the crystal to realize that as one door closes another door opens.

Energy healers, such as Reiki masters, can benefit from Astrophyllite as it increases sensitivity to touch. Astrophyllite also enhances psychic abilities

The crystal emits its energy quickly so you can keep it in a room and still feel its vibes from afar.

Crystals to use with Astrophyllite

  • Tourmalated Quartz mimics Astrophyllite’s blades, and these two crystals combine to eliminate negativity.
  • Obsidian, Amethyst and Astrophyllite combine to help with past mistakes and purging things that are holding you back, be it an addiction, person, or just stuff.
  • For spiritual development combine Astrophyllite with Angelite, Celestite, Scolecite or Marcasite. To enhance psychic abilities try meditating with Blue Calcite and Astrophyllite.

Now you can understand why Astrophyllite is one of the favorite crystals at For Heaven’s Sake!

Apophyllite’s Natural Pyramid Structure Enhances Energy

Unlike Astrophyllite’s bronze blades, Apophyllite crystals are primarily clear, white or green and can form in natural pyramids. Apophyllite can be found in Pune, India, Brazil, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and Mexico.

Apophyllite will shed its layers when heated because of its high-water content, which can be a reason it has been used to provide protection for fire fighters. Melody writes in her book, “Love is in the Earth” that Apophyllite has been used to protect against fires and that “environments have been gridded to protect from forest fires.” Sounds like this is an essential crystal in all homes in Colorado, California and the dry western regions.

Apophyllite pyramids size shown with ruler

Apophyllite in pyramid form enhances energy and brings “light and energy toone’s beings and love to one’s heart,” writes Melody. And Apophyllite can be used to increase intuition by making your senses sharper and visions clearer. Melody suggests putting the base section of the pyramids on eyelids to clear and refresh the eyes.

If you want to access the spiritual world, Apophyllite pyramids can be useful in channeling and connecting with your spirit guides and angels. Look through the bottom of the pyramid to “traverse time and space, to arrive at the star gate.” 

The crystal has been used to facilitate astral travel, allowing one to stay connected to the body while traveling. This allows for sending information gilded from traveling to the conscious self. “This is one stone which helps one to remain totally conscious while experiencing the activities of astral travel,” writes Melody. So, use Apophyllite if you want to access the Akashic records, past life experiences or exchange communication with the spirit world.

Melody states one can look into the future when looking sideways into the crystal, similar to gazing.

Apophyllite possess a reflective property allowing you to recognize attitudes and behavior and to encourage you to correct deficiencies.

The physical healing properties of Apophyllite include any condition associated with the lungs, such as asthmas and allergies. Due to its properties that enhance intuition and vision, Apophyllite has been used to treat eye issues.

If you are looking to manifest wealth, and who isn’t, try meditating with Apophyllite as it can help you recognized money-making opportunities. The pyramids also have been used to charge objects, so charging your earnings would be beneficial.

So for clearer vision in the present and future, and to protect against fire,  Apophyllite might just be what you need in your crystal collection.

Astrophyllite vs. Apophyllite

Now you know their differences! Be sure to stop by one of For Heaven's Sake's locations soon and shop all our crystals! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you on your crystal journey! 


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