The sky in September

September is another transition month with two eclipses that will help us to clear out the old, release what has done its time and realign with higher intentions. It won’t be smooth, but things are definitely moving ahead. To help this process, we have to be wise enough to not buy into the separation and darkness of the world and resist being discouraged (Last Saturn – Neptune square on September 10th).
“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it” said Willy Wonka. Mercury retrograde (August 30th- September 21st) could help us with that; we can use these few weeks to renew our way of thinking and how we talk to ourselves. We’ll probably experience a lot of hesitations, doubts, worries during the first twelve days of the month, let’s use those to discover what pollutes our intellect and clean it up.  September 12th looks quite agitated, then we will be in a great place to look at new ideas.
Of course, all usual Mercury retrograde advice applies: reorganize, rethink, repair, redo, reconfirm and avoid beginning a new project or making big decisions or investment. This Mercury retrograde is particularly nit-picking; it Virgo placement presents an excellent opportunity to work on health habits or communication and organization in the workplace.
Jupiter is entering Libra on September 9th:  cooperation, openness to people, search for harmony, beauty and balance will be enhanced for the next year.

Written by: Sophie Rose

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Sophie was born in France. A meeting in 1987 sparked her interest in astrology. After a few years of self-teaching, she began studying with the Network for Humanistic Astrology in Paris. In 1998, she moved to London, UK to study with world-renowned astrologers at the Center for Psychological Astrology and start a professional practice.
At that same period, she began a daily meditation practice and developed her interest in spirituality and consciousness. After many trainings and experiences with different psychotherapeutic approaches and spiritual teachings, she “found home” in soul regression work, also known as past lives and between lives hypnotherapy. She trained as a soul regression therapist with Dr. Linda Backman.

While soul regression work requires a face-to-face meeting, astrological counseling and teaching can be done on the phone.


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