Most people have some psychic abilities. You have probably experienced it at some point in your life, but you have probably ignored it or don’t know how to recognize the symptoms. When people experience a psychic awakening, people often think that they are going crazy or there’s something wrong with them. There’s nothing to be scared about. Unfolding your intuition is a good thing.

If you think you’re a clairvoyant, but aren’t sure, keep reading. Here are 4 signs you might be a psychic.

You tell the future

You can sense what is happening or you’ve had visions of future events. You can’t explain where they’re coming from, but you get this gut feeling that something is off. Most of the time, your predictions are always accurate. If this is happening to you, you may be a psychic.

Your senses are extra sharp

People with psychic abilities have stronger senses in general. Are you seeing things in the corner of your eye or faint things no one else can? Or maybe you’re hearing even the quietest noises? If so, it’s another sign that your psychic abilities are waking up.

Powerful vivid dreams

In the sleep state, our subconscious minds are at their most open. Here, there is no resistance. Your mind is not getting in the way of what you’re receiving intuitively.

You’re probably experiencing very vivid dreams with a lot of details. Perhaps you dreamed of holding a trophy, only to find out the next day that you’re being awarded a promotion. Or maybe you dreamed that your deceased mother told you where to find your necklace, only to find it in the exact same place.

Constant déjà vu

Do you often feel that the event you’re experiencing at the moment have happened before, even if it’s really the first time you have experienced this thing? If you experience déjà vu very frequently, then you may have psychic abilities.

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