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July 27th - 29th, 2018, FRIDAY-SUNDAY


Denver's BEST Psychic Fair

$1 minute/30 minute minimum for MOST READERS! 

Take 10% OFF Everything in the Store! (services and comissioned art excluded)


FRIDAY, 10am-7pm
* Melodie Matice – Clairvoyant, Angel Cards, Reiki
* Deanna Gloyd - Dowser, Spiritual Response therapy, Akashic Records Reader, Psychic Medium, Transformational Coach
* Dia Nunez - Tarot Cards, Crystal Readings, and Spiritual Guidance 
* Michelle DeWitt - Psychic Medium, Removes Emotional Blocks, Helps You Define Your Soul's Purpose LAKEWOOD
SATURDAY, 10am-7pm
* Donna DeNomme –  Reiki Master, Intuitive, Success Coach
* Vanessa Farrell –  Psychic Readings, Clairvoyant, Reiki, Akashic Records
* Dia Nunez - Tarot Cards, Crystal Readings, and Spiritual Guidance LAKEWOOD
SUNDAY, 10am-5pm

* Randy Birke – Transformational Psychic Medium, “Messages from the other side” (cash only $40/30 minutes; $80/hour)

* Michelle DeWitt - Psychic Medium, Removes Emotional Blocks, Helps You Define Your Soul's Purpose 
* Melodie Matice – Clairvoyant, Angel Cards, Reiki

 Call the Denver store at 303.964.9339 and Lakewood store at 303.953.8760 or email: info@forheavensake.com to pre-register OR drop in


Mystical Empress Magical Relationships

Saturday July 21st: Book Signing & Presentation FREE

Sunday July 22nd: Workshop

Lakewood Location


Mystical Empress Magical Relationships simplifies quantum physics theories into fun and easy magical techniques to enhance your relationship experiences! Through alternate versions of reality and people, time line hopping, and advanced extrasensory perceptions, in this workshop you will learn how to: 

Attract new love ~ Improve personal and professional connections  ~ Evolve lifetime relationships

Align with soul mates ~ Gracefully navigate relationship endings 


Your relationships with lovers, spouses, relatives, friends and co-workers will magically shift as you easily mold the energy of your world! Single $35, Couple $65 pre order; $40 day of event. Get your tickets today and save: http://bit.ly/MysticalEmpressFHS






* SOLD OUT* 10-Person Light Circle with Psychic Lawyer© Mark Anthony

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018


Lakewood Location



Join Mark Anthony for “The Circle of Light.” This exclusive event, limited to 10 people, is an intimate evening of spirit communication where Mark will connect attendees with loved ones in spirit.

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® was recently featured on the Emmy Award Winning National TV Show “The Doctors” and in an upcoming mini-series about a mysterious cold case.

Mark is the author of the best-sellers Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go. The award winning and ground-breaking Evidence of Eternity removes fear and superstition from spirit communication, bringing it into the 21st Century. Never Letting Go is the uplifting guide on the journey through grief which is recommended by hospices and grief counselors worldwide.

This event is for anyone open to the concept that life is eternal and that it is possible to communicate with our loved ones on “the Other Side.”

* Please refrain from imbibing any alcohol as that could impact your connection through Mark with the spirit world*

Seating is limited for this intimate gathering with Mark Anthony. Tickets must be purchased in advanced to ensure seating. 

Location: For Heaven's Sake NEW Lakewood Gallery: 1923 N. Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, CO 80214



Beginning Pendulum: Accurate Pendulum Dowsing with Deanna Gloyd 

Saturday, August 4th, 2018 6:00-8:00pm

Lakewood Location

The beginning pendulum seminar that helps spiritually minded people to connect with basic dowsing techniques that will quickly build your confidence.

How to dowse easily with accuracy.

Do you sometimes feel that you are spending too much time wondering if your pendulum answers are correct? Do you wish that someone would finally show you the steps required to get answers that made sense?

Many people wish they could use dowsing and learn the secrets of working with the pendulum to get clear and precise answers. Deanna Gloyd of toolsofenergyprotection.com developed the Accurate Pendulum Dowsing System ™ to teach others exactly how to create a solid foundation in dowsing skills essential for accurate answers and building skills toward top notch dowsing with a pendulum.



At this practical seminar, you will learn:

- The importance of choosing a pendulum that is optimal for you
- Learn proven methods for establishing accurate answers
- Experience real time exercises to build your confidence
- How to hone your questions to render competent responses
- Identify when the answers are being blocked and what to do about it
- Gain trust and confidence in your ability to work with a pendulum

Energy Investment: $35/person or $70/couple prepaid; $40/person day of. RSVP Online or call the store:  303.964.9339




FREE Reiki Information Session with Reiki Master Donna DeNomme

Thursday, August 16th, 6:30-7:30pm

For Heaven's Sake Denver

Reiki is a unique and highly effective technique for balancing and energizing oneself and others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The method is both simple and direct in its amplification of KI, or Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki requires no thought or belief system to activate it, but rather is a self-directed movement of powerful, yet subtle, energy through one's hands. It can be utilized as a self-help technique for preventive health maintenance, stress management, relief of tension and pain, and to promote specific healing. The Essence of Reiki is the Life Force itself, and when utilized consistently, can develop wholeness, well-being, and personal growth. No special background, training, or knowledge is required to learn Reiki: only a desire to be a pure, healing channel.Donna DeNomme, Reiki Master, practices and teaches the ancient healing art of Reiki - the Usui Method of Natural Healing. She finds it promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and greater spiritual depth. She has taught Reiki since 1990 and maintained a Reiki client practice since 1987. Donna has been a spiritual coach since 1991 and has been honored as the "Spiritual Health Guru" by 5280, Denver's Premier magazine. She is trained in alternative and indigenous healing practices.






Let's Get Stoned! A Gemstone Exploration

Saturday, August 11th

7:00-9:00pm Denver Location

Special Guest: Ky Gabriel of Peacock Arts


We are excited to welcome Mala Master Ky Gabriel to this presentation of Let's Get Stoned! Ky is an artist, spiritual guide and counselor. She teaches spiritual practice through mala making and japa meditaion using malas (prayer beads) with an emphasis on the power of intention and mantras.

Ky's Topic: Gemstones, Intention and Meditation

An exploration on how you can use gemstones to help in the manifestation of your intentions!  We will specifically be focusing on Prosperity, Abundance, Motivation and Focus!

This month we are welcoming Ky Gabriel of Peacock Arts 

Ky is a spiritual practices teacher, facilitator, and speaker as well as a trained spiritual counselor and coach who has over 35 years of experience in the use of meditation as a transformational tool.  She creates and works with powerful gemstone malas (prayer beads) and will apply that knowledge to this informative and fun approach to using gemstones in meditation for manifestation (no mala required)!

Some of the stones we will be working with are Red Jasper, Moss Agate, Citrine,  Fluorite, tourmilated quartz, smoky quartz, red aventurine,  apatite,  dragon blood jasper, red tiger eye,  amethyst,  carnelian, and rutilated quartz.   

Join us to jump start your intentions through the use of gemstones!


Come play in a magical room of stones. We’ll soak in awesome energy! Register early. Space is limited!

Cost: $12.00 per person, and a special couple's price of $20 (pre pay. All tickets $12 day of event).
Order tickets online: http://bit.ly/LetsGetStoned, or call the store: 303.964.9339




An Evening with Loved Ones in Spirit with Psychic Medium Heather Hunter
Sunday, August 26th
5:30-7:00 pm
VIP- 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (approximately)
DENVER LOCATION: 4900 West 46th Avenue, Denver, CO 80212

Join America's "phone line to Heaven", Medium Heather Hunter, at For Heaven's Sake in Denver! Heather provides a warm, comfortable environment for connections with the Afterlife.
Ms. Hunter has drawn national acclaim for her steadily paced, accurate, and specifically detailed delivery of evidence from loved ones on the other side. Heather's gatherings are uplifting and entertaining due to her genuine candor and accessible personality, as well as the many unique and often surprising details and stories that she delivers from loved ones in Spirit.

With a background as a family therapist, Heather is particularly gifted at encouraging the healing of unfinished business between those of us here, and our loved ones in Heaven.
Learn such things as:

Do our deceased loved ones join us for special occasions?
Are they aware of our lives today?
Do they give us signs?

This is an opportunity to get answers to these questions and more, and perhaps even heal unfinished business between yourself and a loved one on the other side.

Please note: A ticket purchase is not a guarantee of a personal connection or message.

There will be a 45-60 minute VIP group held after the main event. This is an informal opportunity to learn more about Heather, ask questions regarding the afterlife and spirituality, and perhaps receive personal intuitive insight and guidance from Heather. This is limited to 12 participants! Cost of VIP ticket gets you both the Gallery Reading and the VIP Group. 

Please note, continued messages from deceased loved ones are not a typical occurrence during the after group, although Heather does remain open to the possibility.

Join us at this intimate venue and see why Heather is truly considered a "phone line to Heaven".

Purchase tickets online by clicking here
General Admission: $40/person, $70/couple
VIP (limit 12 people) : $65/person, $120/couple 



Sapphire Moonbeam Magick Deck Author Event

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Denver Location - FREE Event! 





What do the cards have in store for you? Join Sapphire Moonbeam and find out!

Sapphire Moonbeam is a self taught energy artist. She began painting in 2011, the same year she changed her legal name to Sapphire Moonbeam. 

Her rainbow inspired energy art makes up the 46 oracle cards in the Moonbeam Magick Oracle card deck. 

Join Sapphire Moonbeam on September 6th from 6-8 p.m. to get a signed copy of her deck and hear about the magical journey creating it!