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March 30th, 2017 7:15 to 8:45 pm - Thursday Evening

Alchemy Chakra Clearingchakras

Let the sound vibrations from the heavenly alchemy crystal singing bowls bring you to a state of harmony and balance in a restful chakra tuning. Seven chakras and five endocrine gland frequencies will be used to clear and balance the chakras and physical body. By combining intention with sound healing and deep relaxation, it is possible to allow both etheric and physical healing. As this occurs, blockages clear and energy fields, left-right brain and chakras balance creating a deep sense of peace and clarity.

Individual and group intention will increase the power of sound and manifestation. A brief singing bowl meditation to find intention will begin the evening’s process.

Depending on individual needs, bring the things that will provide comfort: yoga mat, dress in and bring layers, blanket/covering, head-neck pillow, eye cover, writing materials, and plenty of water. While lying on the floor is suggested, chair-seating is available (please let us know).

Please register early with For Heaven’s Sake! To maintain an intimate group experience, there will be a maximum of eight (8) places available.

Mary has been "playing" with sound and crystal healing for over 20 years. The love of crystals led her to energy work with chakras and energy fields; she is a certified Master of Crystology. The love of music and sound brought her to crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and other sound healing modalities. Mary has studied with sound healing masters, Jonathan Goldman and Suren Shrestha and credits Rasamayi for introducing her to alchemy bowls. She is a trainer for the Oneness phenomenon, dedicating many hours to training, service, and trips to India.

Cost: $44 online or phone. You must be registered for this event! Register by calling or

visiting For Heaven’s Sake at 303-964-9339, or online at click here!


March 31st, 2017 , 7 to 9 pm

How to Read the Tarot

with Richard Hartnett

This evenings presentation will explore  The origin and use of Tarot cards. We will discuss the five different suits and what each suit represents. We will also explore how the cards are used in a Tarot reading.

This will be a fun evening for everyone regardlessof your level of understanding. 

Richard Hartnett has over 30 years experience as a professional Tarot reader and Teacher. He is a certified Master Tarot Instructor with the American Tarot association. He is a published author of several books.

Cost: $15 or $20 day of Click Here to Register!

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