The Four Truths of Healing Workshop with Heather Kokx

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The Four Truths of Healing

Sunday, July 10th, 5pm-7pm

For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

$25 Includes a FREE, signed copy of Heather's book!

Why do we feel stuck in our lives?

What can we do to find more happiness?

The answer to these questions and more are in the Four Truths of Healing:

#1 Your body wants to heal.

#2 Only you can heal yourself.

#3 Surrendering is the first step to healing.

#4 Learn to love yourself.

Join Heather Kokx as she shares with you her insights from 20 years of practicing energy healing. In this workshop, you will learn the definition of lasting happiness and how the Four Truths of Healing and the Seven Principles of Healing can help you on your healing journey. Heather believes everyone, regardless of circumstances, can find a foundation of happiness in their lives. This workshop will start you on that journey. "You deserve the happiness waiting for you, a happiness that will grow stronger and stronger as you practice your tools and use them when life's challenges arise. The world needs your light. Only through healing can your light shine forth into the world. Spirit put you on Earth for a reason. Your light is necessary. You are necessary. Heal and shine." ~ Heather Kokx

FREE copy of Heather's book with ticket purchase. Cost $25

Heather Anderson Kokx is an energy healer, meditation instructor, Enneagram coach, Happiness coach and yoga instructor. Heather graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2001, where she learned massage and energy healing. She spent the next three years in mentorship with an energy healer, fine-tuning her healing skills and learning to be a meditation instructor. In 2011, Heather earned her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Using a combination of all the healing modalities, Heather has been helping clients heal for 20 years. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband.

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