Shungite Wand

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Shungite Wand
Shungite Wand -

Approximately 3.75 inches in length and .75 inches wide
Wands -

The meaning of a wand is thought to be associated with primal energy, spirituality, inspiration,
determination, strength, and intuition.

In many traditions the wand is a symbol of fire, wind, water, earth, and spirit.

It has been used as the tool that draws both the healing energy, and light through the healer to the patient, and it has also been seen as an extension of the person doing the healing.

Sometimes also called Rods, Staves, or Staffs, in Tarot.

Shungite Metaphysical properties -
Powerful healing qualities. Purifies water. Inhibits EMF’s.

Great for putting on your cellphone, computer, microwave.

Combats insomnia, stress, anxiety. Boosts energy. Provides a shield of protection.

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