Overcoming Heartbreak with Amista Bennett

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Overcoming Heartbreak

Presented by Amista Bennett

October 5, 2022


For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

In this class we will discuss techniques and processes to get to the other side of heartbreak so that you can begin to live your life full of enthusiasm and energy and once again feel like your true self!

This class will NOT be presented by a medical or psychiatric professional but rather from a mystic's perspective. This class is not meant to replace medical or psychiatric help but rather to supplement it.

You will need to bring a pen and paper to take notes and complete exercises during the workshop.

You will come away from this workshop with new techniques, exercises and insights to help you move through your heartbreak and get over to the other side where you can regain your energy and focus again.

About the Presenter: Amista Bennett is a professional psychic tarot reader, reiki master, and mentor and has been serving the public as a lightworker since 2012. She draws her insights for this class from the countless readings she has done for people with their hearts broken and the advice that consistently comes up from Spirit for those people in her readings. She is also drawing on her experiences in going through heartbreak in her own private life, especially when her partner passed away only a week before their first anniversary. It is her desire to use this stockpile of practical and mystical information to help others to heal and thrive after heartbreak.

Limited to 15 participants.

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