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App-lying Your Best Resources in Ways You May Not Have Imagined - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workshop

Saturday, May 21st


For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

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Have you ever stopped to consider why we have Apps on our phones? It is because they are based on the fact that our behaviors and skills are APP-LICATIONS - ways of producing desired results. They are resources that we already have! Turn off your phone and let me show you ways to transfer and integrate your own inherent resources!

This workshop prepares you for the experiences in life that are usually outside what we learned in the academic world. It brings a balance and expansion of the ability to relate and work with the challenges that occur every day. You will learn how to tap into your own strength, skills, confidence, kindness, and more in situations where you need it most. You will learn to transfer/bridge your internal resources that will allow you to be more productive and satisfied - with all this based on current scientific research into our own electro-magnetic potential.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is based on analyzing and then modeling strategies used by individuals who are successful in specific fields and applying the models to achieve specific outcomes. It is from NLP that we have the concepts of operating most effectively and learning most productively by seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), feeling (kinesthetic), and even tasting (gustatory) and olfactory (fragrance). Once these modes of operating are recognized, one can 'play' with them to better understand others ways of operating - and to expand one's own repertoire of skills. It includes how we literally store experiences and interpret their meaning/importance to us. The concepts developed from NLP are now widely accepted and used in the areas of education, health, psychology and sports, to name a few.

Diane Short's background and experience is an eclectic mix of science, metaphysics and spirituality - and love of nature. She brings to these workshops over 30 years as an environmental scientist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer and consult and non-denominational pastoral counseling. Her programs and consulting are predominate "hands on" so that the participants learn by doing and experiencing the skills directly. She is an entrepreneur, having established and managed her own successful business for over 30 years.

Join us and learn how to tap into your inherent resources! This will be a hands-on workshop and we will break into small groups of three to utilize the 3 main modes of learning and retaining skills. Class limited to 12 participants.

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