Manifesting Mastermind Monthly Workshop

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Manifesting Mastermind

Presented by Amista Bennett

1st Wednesday of the month; next class Aug. 3rd


For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

In these workshops we will be looking at different teachings on manifestation and how we can put those teachings to practical use in our everyday lives. These are going to be interactive and inspirational workshops allowing us not only to learn and expand, but also to forge bonds with others on similar journeys to our own and to develop our "Manifesting Tribe."

Who will benefit from this Mastermind:

* Anyone dissatisfied with their life and not quite sure why that is

*Anyone working on reaching a goal or target in their lives that may be unsure if that is actually possible for them

*Anyone who wants to accomplish big things in their life by finds themselves surrounded by people who have more reasons why things can't be done than action towards giving things a try

* Anyone looking for accountability or a boost in their manifesting process

*Anyone wishing to surround themselves with positive influences and encouragement as they manifest their dreams

About the Presenter: Amista Bennett is a professional psychic Tarot reader and has been reading in this way for the public since 2012. Her experience and daily relationship with the Tarot show in the deep insights that she offers through her classes. One of her biggest passions is to help other people understand that they can tap into their connection with the Divine and use the information that comes out of that to move forward more productively and happily in their lives.

Limited to 15 participants.

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