Monthly Spiritual Development Circle

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Monthly Spiritual Development Circle

Presented by Amista Bennett

3rd Wednesday of the month; next class August 17th


For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

Join us for this fun and interesting opportunity to explore and practice your own intuitive abilities in a spiritually safe space with other people - all at different skill levels! After each circle, you will have more confidence in your intuitive abilities.

People who will benefit from these monthly circles include:

* Those who are curious about psychic and mediumship abilities

*Those who don't know if they have any abilities at all but would like to find out

*Those who are just discovering their abilities and would like to understand them better

* Those who have practiced their abilities regularly in the past but have gotten away from it and would like to get back into doing that more consistently

*Those who use their abilities on a regular basis but would like to have the fun and excitement of doing something different with new, like-minded people

You will come away from this class feeling confident about growing and nurturing your abilities. You will also gain a sense of community. Come join us!

About the Presenter: Amista Bennett is a professional psychic Tarot reader and has been reading in this way for the public since 2012. Her experience and daily relationship with the Tarot show in the deep insights that she offers through her classes. One of her biggest passions is to help other people understand that they can tap into their connection with the Divine and use the information that comes out of that to move forward more productively and happily in their lives.

Limited to 15 participants.

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