Michelle DeWitt

Attendee: Phone
Type: 1/2 Hour
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Michelle started her intuitive journey at 17 years old. While on a family trip she had a recurring dream that she had cancer. As strange as it seemed, Michelle knew she had to open up to her family about how real this dream felt. Less than 2 months later she was diagnosed with stage 3C Ovarian cancer. While tragic, the divine message was a true gift that would change her life forever. Michelle received he BA in Psychology and worked as a real estate entrepreneur in San Diego. In 2010, Michelle began seeing people who were no longer living here on Earth. The messages were loud and clear and she knew it was time to help others with these divine gifts. Her work includes mediumship and life path/here and now readings. Michelle believes anytime someone comes to her, they will get healing and empowering messages for their souls best and highest good. One hour is $120; 30 minutes is $70. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday at the Denver location. Every Friday at the Lakewood location.

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