Let's Get Stoned - Monthly Gemstone Exploration

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Saturday, February 11th



Come explore the magic of crystals & stones! Join Ky Gabriel for Love & Heart Healing.

The stones we will work with to heal and open our hearts, attract love, deepen self-love and ignite passion include: Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Prehnite, Chrysoprase, Ruby Fuchsite, Kunzite, Thulite, Garnet, Pink Opal, Rhodonite, Strawberry Quartz, Red Jasper and Carnelian.

Ky Gabriel will host most 2023 Let's Get Stoned workshops. Ky works closely with crystals through her mala making and her crystal divination readings. Over the years, she has become deeply in tune with crystals' energies, healing properties and meanings.

This class will take you on an experiential, hands-on journey to discover the crystals that can best support you. Each month we will focus on a different theme and will feel into the stones' energies and set our own intentions, using the magic of the crystals to supercharge and enhance our personal growth.

Class will sell out - get your tickets today! You may also call the store and purchase over the phone: 303-284-3470. All workshops are held at For Heaven's Sake Applewood (map).

There are no refunds on event tickets. If you need to cancel your reservation, you will be given store credit.

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