Learning to Read the Tarot Psychically with Amista Bennett

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Learning to Read the Tarot Psychically

Wednesday, May 11th


For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

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This workshop will cover:

* Amista's secret sauce super easy technique to read the cards psychically and accurately, even if you don't know the traditional meanings for the cards

* Lots of time to try it out for yourself and ask Amista's expert advice as you practice and build your confidence

* Whether you have ever used your psychic abilities or not, you will come away with an easy, never fail, three-step technique for reading the cards with breathtaking accuracy

* The more you practice it, this technique will help you develop the psychic abilities

Please bring your own Tarot deck with you to class.

This class is for those interested in reading the tarot more accurately. Those who will really appreciate the class are those who are open to exploring their psychic abilities for the first time or expanding their psychic abilities through the cards.

Amista Bennett is a professional psychic tarot reader and has been reading in this way for the public since 2012. Her experience and daily relationship with the tarot show in the deep insights that she offers through her classes. One of her biggest passions is to help other people understand that they can tap into their connection with the Divine and use the information that comes out of that to move forward more productively and happily in their lives.

Class limited to 15 participants.

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