Intuitive Tarot: An Art of Divination & Self-Development

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Intuitive Tarot: An Art of Divination & Self-Development

7-week Course beginning Saturday, February 18th

Weekly, 11:30am-1:00pm

$111 for entire course

For Heaven's Sake Applewood

Beyond the mysterious fortune telling so often found in fiction, rests a deck of cards that delivers insight, deepens awareness, and offers the aid needed to handle even the most turbulent times in our lives. Though they have long been shrouded in fable, these cards are tangible tools that anyone who's willing to learn can work with. In short, these cards are the tarot.

In this 7-week course with L. Alexandra, you will learn the art of reading tarot intuitively spanning from an exploration of the cards themselves on through techniques to cultivate your intuition. Using the first 7 cards of the major arcana in the tarot, each week L. will take you through an accessible, practical, and engaging journey with these 7 archetypes trading off as your weekly guides.

Week 1: What is the Tarot? Embracing the Fool

Week 2: Tarot Fundamentals. Awakening the Magician

Week 3: What is Intuition? Hearing the High Priestess

Week 4: Tarot for Self-Development. Honoring the Empress

Week 5: What is a Tarot Practice? Unearthing the Emperor

Week 6: Tarot Traditions. Learning from the Hierophant

Week 7: What is a co-created tarot reading? Connecting with the Lovers

By the end of your 7 weeks, you"ll have:

A greater understanding of tarot in the principle and practice

A deeper connection to your deck and new skills which to use it

A fresh perspective on intuition and exercises to strengthen your own

And a stronger grip on how to use tarot to help yourself and others, taking authorship of your stories and life

Join L. Alexandra for this immersive, 7-week workshop. At $111 total, that is only $15.85 per class - what a deal! (classes not sold separately) Get your tickets today, as seating is limited.

Learn about L. Alexandra here. They are available for private readings Monday at our Applewood store and Tuesday at our Denver store.

there are no refunds on event/workshop tickets

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