Chakra Suite (CD) (formerly Spectrum Suite)

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Chakra Suite (CD) (formerly Spectrum Suite)
by Steven Halpern
- Balances the 7 chakras with 7 musical keynotes - The Original and Still #1 Best - Selling Chakra Album Worldwide!
Balancing your chakra energies provides profound benefits for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
This therapeutic sound healing tradition traces its lineage back over thousands of years, and now proven effective in landmark biofeedback research,
and in the lives of millions of individuals.
On this iconic recording, the healing tones of the solo Rhodes electric piano resonate and activate the chakras in ascending order.
Within seconds, you'll feel relaxed and uplifted, as you effortlessly shift into an alpha state of mindful awareness and inner peace.
After the seven tracks that comprise the actual Chakra Suite, additional tracks take you deeper into a brain balancing state of high coherence and inner peace.

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