Chakra Journal, Embossed Leathe 6 x 4"r

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Leather embossed Chakra journal with authenic gemstones. Pages are lined. Includes helpful messages and teachings regarding each of the seven chankras. Measurement: 6 x 4". Stones and properties are: Amethyst - Promotes calmness, relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and aids restful sleep. Sodalite- Boosts confidence, self-esteem, communication, self-expression and supports a healthy immune system and metabolism. Turquoise- Aids emotional balance and stability, boosts creativity, artistic expression and enhances spiritual attunement and intuition. Green Aventurine- Supports heart health and circulation, attracts abundance, prosperity, good luck and enhances emotional balance and inner harmony. Citrine- Attracts abundance and prosperity, aids in releasing negative patterns and habits. Enhances creativity and inspiration. Carnelian- Enhances creativity, inspiration, courage, and motivation. Aids in overcoming fear, negativity and self-doubt. Red Jasper- Enhances physical strength, endurance, vitality and assertiveness. Helps overcome obstacles and emotional exhaustion.

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