Bracelet, Stone Quartz/Rose/Clear 8mm on elastic band Selenite Heart, 2-2.5 inches

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Bracelet 8mm


w/Heart, 2in.

Selenite Combination

Bracelet, Stone Quartz/Rose/Clear 8mm on elastic band
Rose Quartz -

Calming, inner peace and fulfillment. Comforts and heals the heart.

Balances emotions. Facilitates love, including self-love.

Brings a feeling of gentle love into environment.

Heart Chakra
Quartz/Clear -

Master healer. Intensifies and directs energy. Transmutation. Contains full spectrum of white light.
Transducer - it converts energy from one form to another.

It may be programmed for specific intention.

All chakras.
Selenite Heart, 2-2.5 inches -

Angelic communion.

It opens up energy flow. Flexibility, decision-making, clarity, and regeneration.

Cleanses unwanted energy from self, environment, and other crystals.

Removes blockages. Skeletal system, longevity.

All chakras

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