A Gathering of Women Who Grieve the Loss of a Beloved Child, Sept. 30th

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Saturday, September30, 2023

1:00pm - 5:00pm

$50 per person

For Heaven's Sake Applewood

Have you lost a child? One that was born or unborn? A relative? A child you cared for or cared about? I have.

As women, we experience grief with our whole being - mind, body, heart and soul. We are told by our family, friends, and society: It's time to move on...that's what women do. It may be easier to push through it or just keep busy. We end up stuffing it until it starts impacting our quality of life, health, work, and relationships. Most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.

Whether your loss is recent or decades ago, this gathering is for you. Join me for a 4-hour healing event. Together, we share our sacred stories of loss and celebrate our children. With movement, meditation, healing breath and ritual, we transform the raw energy of our grief to peaceful acceptance while learning a new way to live and love.

Hosted by Kathi Quinn: Mother of Angels: Amanda, 39 years of life, Jason stillborn at 9 months, 2 miscarried babies.

Spiritual Counselor Grief Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Resilient Heart: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Practitioner, Certified Freedom Coach, Guest Lecturer, Science & Spirituality Class - Colorado School of Mines.

Author, "Healed by a Silent Heart. Hearing the Voice of the Divine Feminine in the Silence of a Stillbirth."

"I am very grateful for Kathi's insightful for healing event, her gentle guiding way, and her deep commitment to bring love and voice to the effects of losing a child has on the physical body and a person's life. Highly recommended, impactful and deeply transformational." DM

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