A Drum Journey to Meet a Guide, August 26th

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Saturday, August 26th


$25 per person, limited to 20 participants

For Heaven's Sake Applewood

Join us August 26th when you will be guided into your heart to connect and clean then travel down to the underworld in a guided meditation with the medicine drum.

In this process, you will be greeted by a guide - perhaps ancestral, human, animal, plant or celestial. From there, we will gather gifts and items to integrate into your being to assist you in aligning and accelerating your best goals at this time.

This is a mix of traditional teachings blended with all the extras that are the processes under my belt. The drum we will be utilizing for this ceremony is made of kangaroo hid and was crafted in my time in Australia. Kangaroo is the healer of the west. Always going forward, the Kangaroo cannot turn around. The drum has carried many people and looks forward to greeting you.

The language you will hear spoken in the invocation and spacial settings is Te maori/old maori.

Please bring:

Yoga Mat

Eye Pillow (optional)

Blanket (optional)

Item for the alter

Journal & Pen

Open mind + Imagination

May the divine light in you shine and activate the divine light in all

Naomi Kennedy is the developer and practitioner of Genatron Ethics, the perpetual motion of healing energy activated in an ethical manner. For 14 years now, Naomi has been in full appreciation to spirit. Guided and held always, her life began with magical influences from her aunt and family. In 2012, Naomi was initiated in 13th house Mystery school, a feminist mythopoetic mystery school in Eurasian Shamanism. Her passion is to do with decolonization and the awakening of the magic in our bloodlines and bring forward the unique hybrid of the medicines that are being requested by the mixing of your blood.

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