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About Readers

We have INTUITIVE / PSYCHIC READERS AND BODYWORK practitioners on hand every day of the week -SEE COMPLETE LISTING BELOW. Drop in or schedule a private session DAILY or during our twice-monthly PSYCHIC FAIR - Denver's Best!

Their specialties include horoscope astrology, tarot card and angel card readings, palmistry, numerology, psychic mediumship (they talk to people who have crossed over), Akashic record readings, Angelic channeling, pure trance and conscious channeling, medical intuition, spiritual counseling and prayer work, feng shui consultations, animal communication and pet massage, dream interpretation, numerology, tea leaf reading, sacred ceremony, palmistry, past life and life between lives regressions, hypnotherapy, shamanic journeys, reiki energy work, chakra balancing, Journey work, house and personal energy clearing and balancing, theta healing and meditation, access consciousness/bars sessions, massage, raindrop therapy, and reflexology. Many of our practitioners have 25+ years of service and can also be available by special appointment or by phone. Check our their individual profiles for unique talents and specialties. Yes, they're all psychic intuitive and have psychic abilities!

In Person Private Readings: In-store rates vary. Charges range between $45-$60/30 minutes; $60-$120/hour. This is a cash/check discount price paid directly to the practitioners.

Phone readings (Psychic Line): Receive a tarot card or psychic readings by phone! Call us during the store hours and receive a reading by the psychic currently on staff or by appointment from one of our other gifted psychics.  Cost:  $60/30minutes; $100/hour. Payment is by credit card over the phone or PayPal (through our On-line Store)

Specials: Monthly Psychic, Alternative Health Fairs 2nd and 4th weekends (Friday-Sunday). Rates are $1.50/minute; 30 minute minimum (cash/check/credit card to practitioners).


CARLOS TOVAR, Dowser, Physical Body Energy Reader, Medical Intuitive

“The eyes are the windows of your soul” The picture of your eye allows me to intuitively uncover issues that may be causing physical imbalances. I can help you release stress, remove emotional blocks, find relief from pain, and re-establish your energetic state of well being. Learn the seven physical causes that harm your physical and emotional bodies. With the use of alternative therapies, including dowsing techniques, vibrational medicine, and natural herbs, you can dramatically improve your health and well-being. The intention is to offer general and natural information to help your spirit and emotions regain their natural states of health. The herbs work in conjunction with your spiritual body to bring harmony and balance, and do not interfere with the work of your physician but only add to it. Take a picture of your eye (on your cell phone) and send it to me. I can help. Carlos is available in-store on Saturdays from 11-7, or by special appointment. Call the store for appointment or drop in.

ABOUT CARLOS: Carlos has been practicing energy readings for 21 years. He trained under the auspices of Hanna Kroeger in Boulder, Colorado for 4 years. He is dedicated to helping others. COST: $45/30 minutes; $80/hour. This content is not intended to be a substitute for a professional medical exam, nor does it replace the need for services provided by medical professionals.

"This guy is the real thing.” – Randi Powell


DEANNA GLOYD - Akashic Records Wisdom

Deanna's services include Accessing Akashic Records, star children awakenings, mediumship, medical intuitive, soul retrieval, spiritual attunement, balance =heal & unblock chakras, healing from DNA level, emotional health enhancement, finding lost or missing people, awaken spiritual abilities, entity removal, abolish curses and hexes, and more.

Have you ever asked yourself: When is it going to be my turn? The Akashic Records Wisdom session reveals to you exactly what has been blocking you and aligns you to start living a fuller, richer, healthier, and more abundant life.

In your session you will discover:

That everything you want to receive or manifest in your life already exists and is within arm's reach, and all the tools you need to access them are already inside you.

You will shift the way you think about your health, and discover what may be blocking you from experiencing a healthy and balanced body.

You will understand what stops you from making more money and receive the information to shift the lack consciousness into abundance consciousness.

You will expand your Vision of Your Purpose beyond what you are currently doing now.

Other Services:

Deanna's connection with the Divine helps her to connect with SPIRIT / God in a unique way. Through her faith walk with SPIRIT she ha been able to speak with spirits (mediumship), enhance other's connection with their spirit guides and angels (help them to hear, see, or feel their own guidance), clear ghost and spirits from homes, businesses, and people.

Deanna Gloyd, founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love, is an expert in quickly getting to the ROOT cause of relationship, health, and financial issues. In these readings your current experience will be addressed at multi-dimensional levels to give you clarity and understanding of how you can shift into new circumstances. Each reading includes energetic clearing as well as practical action steps to create the experience you want.

Akashic Records Readings are fast-paced and information-packed. They are also driven by YOUR intention for your life. Deanna will access your Akashic Records and your personal team of Spirit Guides to receive the information that is most important for you right now.

5/01/20115 On an Accurate Pendulum Dowsing class that I taught on 4/23/15 “Before I took Deanna’s dowsing class I had very minimal skills with my pendulum, I had been using it for over twenty years .. She taught me how to connect with spirit and ask questions properly.. I learned more control with my pendulum and better connection to the universe.  I plan on having one on one sessions with her so that I can connect with my father.  If you want to learn about your own skills and connection with spirit definitely give Deanna a call.. I will be!!!!" - Maryanne Z ~Wheat Ridge CO

“Working with Deanna was amazing. During my reading she was very accurate with my life and past challenges without my talking first. She was able to help me understand my nightmares and deal with them on a conscious level . . . even better was her healing of my body with the help of her guides and seeing in her mind my problems. Since then my hip, which I was taking strong pain meds for, has felt normal and I haven’t needed any medications since. I look forward to my next reading and healing with her!” - Jenn, Northglenn

“Hi Deanna!  I hope your event went beautifully, and all is well with you. Forgive me, but I must ask, how did you calm my troubles with anxiety? I have not needed any atavan since we met. This is a wonderful thing! It has plagued me all my life. My son has been completely released with no restrictions at all! His surgeon was amazed at his follow-up. . .You will get another for the anxiety. What a gift! You have my everlasting gratitude.   Love and blessings to you" -  Dawn

Deanna is available in-store at our Denver location on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11-5. Appointment or walk-in. $55/30 minutes; $111/60 minutes. Call for appointment: Denver: 303.964.9339.


DONNA DENOMME – Intuitive, Reiki, Tarot, Master Success Coach

With a background in traditional psychology/counseling from Cornell University, a MA in Humanities and Depth Psychology through Pacifica Graduate, and many years training in alternative and indigenous healing studies, Donna has assisted others with their healing, empowerment, and life enrichment since 1987. Donna recognizes and celebrates the inherent wisdom of Truth which comes through every individual regardless of life situation or challenge.

Award-winning, internationally-published author of Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself, the Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards, Ophelia’s Oracle, and 8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing. Donna's latest book, As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage will be released in October 2019. 

Donna is available for in-store sessions on the 2nd Saturdays and 4th Sundays during our monthly psychic fairs.  Also available for private coaching or Shamanic healing sessions, gentle-touch Reiki classes, Penned Ink, Writing the Shadows, and other enrichment and empowerment classes in Denver and Golden.  Call the store for appointment:  303.964.9339 Denver, 303.953.8760 Lakewood. $80/30 minutes; $125/hour. 





MELODIE MATICE – Clairvoyant, Reiki Master Teacher, Manifest Your Desires Sessions, Light Body Activations, Balance Chakras, Release Karma, Relaxing Energy Work, & Reconnecting to Source

Melodie has been both a student and teacher of spiritual truth for many years. She had a profound transformation during a near-death experience. After this experience, Melodie traveled the world to study, pray and heal with higher consciousness teachers outside as well as inside the United States.Melodie has various degrees, credentials and training in many energy and consciousness-raising modalities.  One of her favorite pastimes is public speaking.  “Creating Your Heart’s Desires,”  “Manifesting Prosperity,”  “3-Minute Techniques To Reduce Stress” and “Living The Law Of Attraction” are among her favorite presentations. A gifted intuitive reader, Melodie provides answers to many questions including your soul’s purpose in this incarnation. She also is experienced in many and various types of balancing and relaxing energy work. She assists individuals in opening to higher levels of consciousness and well-being they can create for themselves.  If individuals so desire, they can bring in a list of what they would like to release or change in their lives to manifest their desires. Melodie is in the process of completing a book that is expected to roll off the presses soon.

  "Melodie has had a profound impact on my life. She has given me guidance, intuitive insight and deeply strengthened my connection with the world around me in a way no one else ever has. Not only is she caring and kind, but by simply being in her presence you can feel her powerful loving energy."  - Liz, Denver

 "Melodie Matice is an amazing gifted person.  I have done all the light activations with her and have noticed an increase in my vibration.  Her readings are very loving and comforting as well as insightful.  She is a great prayer warrior as well.  Once you get on her prayer list, things will change for the better.  They did for me and they will for you too!  What I love about Melodie is the amount of Light and Joy she brings into your life.  I feel lighter and more blessed every time I meet with her." - Don F.

"Melodie has been incredible!  I wasn't really sure how I felt about energy work when I first went to see her but I can tell you now that I would recommend her to anyone anytime.  With her peaceful nature and sweet, sincere caring way she has helped me make my life what it is now.  I was in a dead end job working with unhappy people and my days were filled with stress.  Within a few months I am now working my dream job making more money that I thought I could, I'm surrounded by positive people who really care about me, my relationships have improved and I find myself walking around smiling at life.  Thank you Melodie for all you have done for me!" - Angie

"Melodie is a beautiful soul, who helps her clients using her experience, knowledge & gifts to guide them through life's many challenges and obstacles." - Angela, Denver, Colorado

She is available for private sessions in-store by appointment or drop-in every Friday, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Also available other days and times by appointment. Call the store to schedule: 303-964-9339 Denver, 303-953-8760 Lakewood

$40/30 minutes; $80/hour

RANDY BIRKE - Transformational Psychic Medium delivers "Messages from the Other Side" -

“My foremost gift is mediumship. I see and hear spirits as well as people’s deceased relatives and friends who want to communicate. I talk to these spirits mentally and see their faces. They give me extremely specific facts, details, identifying traits and situations which the client confirms. I am closely connected to angelic forces, feel their presence, and receive insights from them to share with the clients. As a clairvoyant, I see the past, present and future. I see things in my mind’s eye like snapshots or photographs, usually very detailed.”

As seen on The Denver Press Club 10/28/15:  http://www.livefromthedenverpressclub.com/episodes/season_2_episode_07.html

In 2002, Randy Birke opened for the movie “Dragonfly” in Denver.

Dragonflies are messengers…

“When someone you love dies, are they gone forever?”

“What would you ask someone who passed over to the other side?”

Book a private session with Randy 2nd and 4th Sundays during our Psychic Fairs from 11-5 p.m. Prior appointment strongly suggested.  CASH ONLY:  $40/30 minutes; $80/hour. Call the store:  303.964.9339.



 WYNN CHANEY - Wynn is a psychic, medical intuitive, Reiki Master

She connects to guides and helpers to assist seekers to find their answers. Also using the "Clairs" to gain psychic perspective, Wynn shares her psychic insights. Wynn received her certifications as a Psychic, Medical Intuitive, & Reiki Master through the Aspen Program. She currently serves as an Aspen Program Coach.

Testimonials: “Wynn is fabulous-her instincts are spot on. She’s extremely accurate.” Susan-Denver

“Very good communication skills. Provided a pathway to the connection. Read some key psychic elements.” Mary-Denver

“Very genuine & open to communication” Nancy-Denver

“Blown away by Wynn’s insights! She tapped into things that I’ve been pondering/concerned with that no one could know! I would highly recommend her.” Kayla-Denver

“I felt a connection with Wynn. She is very easy to talk to…very kind.” Ileen-Denver

“Great job Wynn! You pulled in a great deal of information! You are right on & make your clients feel at ease.” Lynne-Denver

Wynn is available for private readings/healing sessions on Psychic Fair weekends. Call the store to RSVP or drop in (303) 964.9339 Denver, (303) 953-8760 Lakewood


Dia Nunez

 DIA NUNEZ - Serves as a Lukumi Priestess of Yemaya (Afro-Cuban Tradition), Spiritualist (Mediumship Communication With The Dead), First Degree Ritual Master under the lineage of Gudni Gudnason former member of the Golden Dawn Mystery School (High Magic), and Palo Mayombe Yaya (A Priestess in Congo African Tradition), and Abstract Fluid Artist.

The services offered: tarot, mediumship, astrology, personal amulets for employment, love, money, uncrossing, protection, chakra opening, dreams, fertility, court cases, peaceful home, ancestral work, healing, health, spiritual growth, spiritual house cleansing and protection, personalized spiritual baths, candle works and personalized abstract art pieces for spiritual growth.

Monday’s 12-5, $55 for 30 min, and $111 for 60 min Cash Services Only  

Call for an appointment: 303-964-9339 Denver, 303-953-8760 Lakewood. 







Vanessa Farrell (S Shanti Ki)- BPI Graduate (Berkeley Psychic Institute) Clairvoyant Readings, 3rd Generation Reiki, Sounds Therapy Table practitioner, Past Life Readings and Akashic Record Readings 



Vanessa has been a source of Spiritual guidance, since a very young age, for all who cross paths with her. She has acquired knowledge of ancient practices to hone in on her natural abilities so that she may help others from a place of certainty, compassion, and understanding. Vanessa is a high vibrational psychic reader with ability to stay neutral and deliver all information being shown through Spirit with ease, on a level in which you, the reader, can fully receive the information being relayed.




She is able to access this information with the vocalization of your name. 


Vanessa does not use cards or physical objects to assist her in readings and every reading is 100% customized to the needs of the reader, that’s you!
Vanessa approaches her practice with a knowing that all whom she has the opportunity to read, help and interact with, are giving her the opportunity to learn and grow herself and so each encounter is met with an energy of love, empathy, and gratitude focused on healing and growth. Vanessa is here to assist you in your journey to connect with your own internal peace through psychic reading practices which will bring clarity to your current state and will bring ease to the learning of lessons on your individual journey. She is often caught saying, “I am here to offer assistance in seeing again, that which you spiritually already know.”



$25/15 minutes; $50/30 minutes; $90/Hour. Vanessa is available each Psychic Fair Saturday at our Denver location. 


Call for an appointment: 303-964-9339






Through the BLESSINGS OF THESE SACRED GIFTS, I can help you with whatever your specific needs may be:

Career Moves, Real Estate, Business Ventures, Romance, Relationships, Pets, In-Person Readings, Healing & Clearing, & Phone Readings. Our sessions will include conversational dialogue, while I AM in a light to deep transcendent state. (So I might not always remember what was said through me). All readings are relayed through the Divine Dimension, even as I share communication with & from your loved ones who have transitioned, as well as your Guides & Guardians, etc. If you have a list of questions, we can go through them one by one for the guidance you seek.

 “I have known Diane Maria for 40 years. Throughout this time, Diane has been a true, reliable counselor, confidante, & guiding light.  Her advice, input & admonitions have helped me both as a Psychotherapist & as an individual facing health & other personal crises. Her perspectives have influenced my work as a Counselor & Psychotherapist. Her wisdom, caring & love all reflect her deep Spiritual Guidance, which is rooted in Service & Humility. I hold Diane in the highest regard, & recommend her to anyone seeking direction in areas where the fog of life limits our vision. Victor C., LISW. Social Worker, Psychotherapist.”

 “Over the past four decades, Diane has shared her Sacred Intuitive Gifts with all 4 generations of my family. She has been instrumental in guiding us through COMPLEX ISSUES, including personal & health traumas, interpersonal & familial relationships, business & finance. Her guidance has always been trustworthy & reliable. She will often call spontaneously to share perceptions & perspectives she continues to receive on our behalf, including extremely important & timely precautionary information. These insights have always proven to be powerfully effective. When I refer friends & family to her to seek pertinent guidance, they are always grateful & feel blessed for the clarity she has provided. Jane A.”

Payments: Cash or Credit (via Square)

Introductory & Psychic Fair Rates:  $45 for 30 minutes / $60 for 90 Minutes

Standard Store & Phone Rates:  $60 for 30 minutes / $120 for 60 minutes

I AM at the Lakewood store the first Saturday of the month, (303-953-8760) & the Denver Store every Tuesday, (303-964-9339).





Karina Baylor - Medical Intuit, Energy Work, Spirit Guide Communication, Life Coaching

Karina is a Medical Intuitive.  In July of 1991,she was in an auto accident.  It took a second pair of the “Jaws of Life” to get her out of the vehicle.  She woke in the hospital wondering who these people were: who were called parents, and what were these green things; in the form of money.  It was a few months later that the clairs started to emerge.  Karina went to massage school to understand the body, and to recognize what she was now seeing.  She started a massage business and found people coming to her for more than massage. People came for counsel, healing and for their truth.  It was during those sessions that Karina's gifts were revealed.  She understood what people needed; their bodies and spirits spoke to her. It was then she started using the phrase –the clairs…  She could see inside the body, could see the energy levels outside the body.  Karina was hearing their guides and her guides, and she was able to see the past.  Friends told friends and Karina's energy practice began.  

For the past 20+ years, Karina has been helping people. The body speaks, and the body part(s) light up in her view. Energy is moved to the lighted area for healing. She understands it is not “her”, it is the energy is of a universal nature. The energy has healed knees that were to be replaced, eyes that were going blind and backs that were going to have surgery on them.  

Some things that Karina has taught clients; 

~ how to regulate one’s intuitive intake of information 
~ how to balance and release one’s energy
~ how to create sacred space in oneself and in one’s home 
~ how to create etheric boundaries for oneself

The responses from her clients are usually ones of gratitude for clarity, feeling better and more purposeful.   


Hourly rate of $120.00 and 30 minutes for $60.00. Call for an appointment: 303-953-8760





Fatu Judy Henderson - Readings, West African Diving Chain (Opele) and New World Obi Abata ("kola nut")

Who am I: I am a priest in the Yoruba tradition of Ifá. I began my formal studies in this tradition in the year 2000. I was initiated as an Iyanifa (Mother of Wisdom) in this tradition in the year 2011. In addition, I have extensive background in hands on healing, human energy systems, and healing techniques from various traditions. This includes African American and Native Indigenous perspectives.

What is Ifa: Ifá is the indigenous spiritual practice of the Yoruba people of Nigeria who migrated to West Africa from Egypt about  6000 -10,000 years ago and was spread throughout West Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The word “Ifá” means: “The wisdom of the earth” and addresses the energy of how one’s Higher Mind is interacting with the energies of our universe and the earth.  

How does it work: There are 16 primary energies and a possible 256 possible combinations of energies which impact the individual? Ifa addresses what energies are occurring with the individual “now” and what the energy is changing into. This helps to predict what will manifest in one’s environment. One is empowered with choice to reverse or minimize a negative outcome in one’s environment or to enhance something wonderful coming one’s way.  

Your Higher Mind: The intent of one’s Higher Mind determines what symbols appear in the reading. The tools present possible outcomes and empowers the individual to make choices guided by the Higher Mind to heal, grow, and live a more fulfilling and empowered life.

Ifa readings are interactive (You can ask questions as you go), fun and thorough. I look forward to seeing you at the store.

Why? : Ifa teaches that the greatest of gods is one’s “Ori” or Higher Mind. One’s life and the quality of one’s life is determined by whether one follows the guidance of Higher Mind.

Mediumship: Sometimes one’s ancestors and deceased loved one’s or guides will seek to address one’s who come to readings. Some simply affirm their presence and support, some offer “hidden” information to help the client make decisions. Some seek forgiveness for harms done. During the reading, I help communicate what your loved one’s want you to know.

Self-Healing Tools: I offer instruction on how to self-facilitate healing rituals, healing baths and other tools to assist one’s to work with their ancestors and cleanse/ heal the energy field.  

Fatu is available every Wednesday 11-6 at the Denver location, and every third Saturday of the month 11-4 at the Lakewood location. Rates are $55/30 minutes, and $111/60 mins.

Call the stores to book your appointment or drop in! Denver 303.964.9339, Lakewood 303.953-8760.




Leah Weibel – I am a Traditional Naturopath and Iridologist.  I have been in business since 1995. I call myself a health seer, because I look into people’s eyes. The iris (the color part) and the sclera (the white part) reveal inherited health, acute and chronic conditions, generational patterns, even personality. The eye is a window into our physical, mental and emotional issues. They tell you how you see the world. 



During a session I can help you understand more deeply what those little aches and pains are trying to tell you. I tell my patients that symptoms are our friends. The questions people often ask are, “Why do I keep getting sick?” “Why have I been well my whole life and now I’m not?” “What health did I inherent from my parents?”  I can help you discover how you physically and emotionally relate to the world. Whether you need more clarity around your physical issues or mental/emotional issues, the eyes can help give you answers. As a “Health Seer”, I want you to walk away having a deeper understanding of your body and it’s divine power to heal.

About Leah:

I became a Certified Homeopath in1995. In1996, I became a Certified Holistic Iridologist and Master Herbalist. I finished my Naturopathic degree in 1999. I began my studies to fill a need for affordable care. Alternative care isn’t alternative if it isn’t affordable. When I took my chronically ill daughter to an alternative practioner, it was a choice between care and food. We ate lots of beans and rice and chose care. After years of ear infections, she got well and hasn’t needed antibiotics since. She’s thirty now.


Leah is available every Friday from 12-5 at the Lakewood store. Call for an appointment 303-953-8760 or drop in. Cost is $55/30 minutes: $111/60 minutes. Cash preferred, Venmo and PayPal accepted.