$1.50 per minute/30 minute minimum for MOST READERS! 

SPECIAL GUESTS, READERS & BODYWORKERS! - Standing by for Phone or Zoom readings and distance energy work 

EARN DOUBLE REWARDS POINTS! For every $1 spent, get 2 points (does not apply to items on sale). Earn 100 points and you'll receive $5 to spend in the stores.


Friday, December 10

Denver Store: Melodie Matice & Deanna Gloyd

Lakewood Store: Elisa Brossard

Saturday, December 11

Denver Store: Melodie Matice & Diane Maria

Lakewood store: Heather Thompson

Sunday, December 12

Denver Store: Melodie Matice & Diane Maria

Lakewood Store: Dawn Barker


Book your appointment online or by calling the stores: 

Denver: 303-964-9339

Lakewood: 303-953-8760


Let's Get Stoned - Navigating the Holidays

Saturday, December 11th, 2021


For Heaven's Sake Lakewood. Proof of purchase required for entry.

Navigating the Holidays, presented by Becky Swenson

Join us as we delve into the magical world of crystals! Let's Get Stoned! or the "Art of being distracted by shiny things' is a guide for working with gemstones to help you balance your life. Doing so helps you heal yourself, manifest positive changes, and develop your psychic abilities. There are many gemstones to work with, and many differing things they can do for you!

At this Let's Get Stoned workshop, we will learn the tools for success in navigating family dinners, holidays, and the return of life in crowds.

Crystals, Essential Oils, and Energy Medicine to support our journey into the world. In this workshop, our focus will be:

1. Preparing for launch into family gatherings and social spaces

*Zipping up energetic body

*Oils to ward off negative energy; On Guard and TerraShield

*Gemstones for protection: Jet and Clear Quartz

2. Remaining grounded while with family or with strangers in a crowd.

*Meridian points to activate.

*Tree and Root Essential Oils (Balance)

*Grounding crystals; Hematite and Smoky Quartz

3. Cleansing the energetic body after encounters.

*Salt and baking soda water bath

*Cleansing oils: Purify, Citrus Oils

*Cleansing crystals; Shungite and Selenite

Learn more and purchase tickets here. You may also purchase tickets by calling the store: 303-953-8760

New Year, New Intentions Mala Making Workshop
January 9th, 2022
For Heaven's Sake - Lakewood Location 
5:30 - 8:30 PM
$72 (standard stones)
Registration for this popular New Year tradition is now open! These sell out and space is limited due to smaller class sizes. Shortly after registering, you will receive a confirmation email.
Later an email with the 2022 Catalog will be sent for you to choose your mala kit. If you select a premium stone (above the $72 range) we will make up the difference at that time.  The email will also include all information needed for the workshop. 
Workshop includes a guided meditation to set powerful intentions for 2022, all materials and tools needed to make your custom mala, instruction on how to make your mala as well as how to use it in your practices and a follow up packet with all the information from the class to help you remember what you have have learned.  We will be walking with intention and focusing on our Soul's purpose!
Free Reiki Information Session with Donna DeNomme - Watch Now:

Contact Donna DeNomme to learn more about the healing benefits of Reiki: 303-271-0510